What is the full form of DBT ?

DBT Full Form: Direct Benefit Transfer

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The full form of DBT is Direct benefit Transfer which is a scheme to change the mechanism of transferring subsidies into the account of the public. Direct Benefit Transfer was launched by the Government of India on 1st January 2013. Direct Benefit transfer has the purpose to transfer subsidies directly into the public’s bank account.

The government of India launched this scheme of Direct Benefit Transfer to reduce leakages and delays to credit transfer. The government aimed to transfer the benefits to the under-privileged population which is under34 central schemes.

DBT full form
DBT full form

History of DBT

The direct benefit transfer program was launched by the government of India on 1st January 2013. First, it was only launched in the 20 districts that covered scholarships and social security pensions only.

Jairam Ramesh who is the former union minister for rural development of India and N Kiran Kumar Reddy who is the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh inaugurated the DBT scheme at Gollaprolu in the East Godavari district. It was inaugurated on 6th January 2013.

On 15th January 2013, the first review for DBT was decided. In this review according to P Chidambaram, the scheme of DBT will be rolled out across 11 more districts by 1st February as well as other 12 districts by 1st March 2013.

In a later analyse 2 schemes dominated transfer in DBT according to the Prime Minister’s office.

This was through CPSMS which and the domination of these schemes were 83% of all transfers. These schemes were Janai Suraksha Yojana and scholarships.

However, in this review, it is founded that the lack of computerized records for schemes to be linked to DBT was hindering rollout.

Out of 39.76 lakh beneficiaries that should have been covered under different schemes, just 56% had bank accounts while 25.3% had both bank accounts and Aadhaar numbers.

Apart from this only 9.62% of bank accounts were attached to Aadhaar numbers.

Structure of DBT

DBT aims to put transparency as well as to dismiss the middle structure from the distribution of funds that are sponsored by the Central Government of India.

In these direct benefit transfer scheme, the citizen living below the poverty line can directly get their subsidy in their accounts.to rout DBT the common platform is the Central plan scheme monitoring system or CPSMS which was implemented by the Office of Controller General of Accounts.

PSMC is used for digitally signing as well as processing payment in the bank accounts. Apart from this, the PSMS is used for the grounding of the beneficiary list.

Interesting facts about DBT

  • By the beginning of 2021, under the direct benefit transfer scheme, the Government of India deposited more than Rs 1471000 crores in the account of the beneficiaries.
  • The number of beneficiaries receiving direct benefit transfer has crossed 274 crores in 2021.
  • More than 316 schemes are being run by the Government of India and many state governments under direct benefit transfer.
  • Due to DBT ie Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme, corruption has come down significantly and people get benefit from the government directly accessing their account, the middle corruption has been completely eliminated.


What is a DBT account?

 DBT account is to transfer subsidy benefits directly to the bank accounts of the public for any welfare schemes.

How do I check my DBT account?

 One can check their DBT account using ATM, Micro ATM or any bank Mitra. Besides this, the bank sends out SMS alerts when there is a transaction in your bank account.

What is DBT credit?

 To change the mechanism of transferring subsidies into the bank accounts of the public government of India launched DBT on 1st January 2013. Government transfer subsidies from various welfare schemes which is a credit of government to the public.

How do I change my DBT bank account?

 To change the DBT bank account with Aadhaar one has to visit their nearby bank branch in person. To change the DBT account one has to submit the duly filled customer consent form for the desired bank.

What is DBT education?

 In education, Direct Benefit Transfer is a type of study that was conducted by MSC on the delivery of in-kind benefits to government school students in UP.

DBT study in education built an understanding of how to improve existing processes by automation, digital authentication and digitization etc.

What is NPCI for DBT?

 NPCI stands for the National Payments Corporation of India which is like the umbrella body for all retail payment systems in India.

NPCI has linked more than 150 million bank accounts with Aadhaar numbers which are going to near the number of DBT accounts of more than 170 million.

Some other famous full forms of DBT-

DBT- Double-Blind Test- in medical Laboratory

DBT- Department of Bio-Technology- in Academics and Universities

DBT- Do Big Things- during motivational chatting

DBT- Dirty Black Trick- in Governmental

Similar full forms-

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