What is the full form of UPS ?

UPS Full Form: Uninterruptible Power supply

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UPS meaning or full form is Uninterruptible Power Supply.

UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply is electrical equipment provides emergency power to the sensitive equipment when the main power supply or Mains is off.

UPS keeps power-sensitive devices such as computers, servers, etc. running for some time in the event of power supply shutdown,

So that alternating power can be supplied or you can save your work, and shut down your computer or other devices correctly.

The UPS has a battery, which acts as an inverter, and has the ability to run your devices for some time.

Due to the same capacity of UPS, it is also sometimes called uninterruptible power source.


UPS Full Form
UPS Full Form



There are many such electrical and electronic equipment which if shut down suddenly can cause a lot of damage.

That is why a power supply is needed which can provide a few minutes of power backup in case of power loss.

You imagine a situation where you have prepared a project with 5 hours of hard work on your personal computer, and your computer shuts down due to sudden power cut.
And your 5 hours of hard work goes in vain, if you had a UPS, then you would have enough time in case of a power cut so that you could save your work comfortably or continue your work by turning on the alternate power supply.

Many times there is a disturbance somewhere in the supply line, suddenly the voltage goes down too much for a few milliseconds.
Due to which your computer or TV or other sensitive devices may be shut down.

So UPS is also helpful in this condition and does not allow your equipment to be shut down.

Many people believe that UPS is used only with personal computers, which keeps our computer running even in the event of a power cut for 10 to 15 minutes.

While this is not the case UPS is used in personal computers to supercomputers, and even in big factories.



important parts of UPS

As mentioned above, UPS works like an inverter, its important parts are as follows-


UPS requires at least a 12-volt battery to provide a few minutes of backup in the event of a power cut.

The number of batteries is increased according to the need

Charger-  UPS has a charger with the help of which the battery is charged at the time of power supply.

Inverter UPS has an inverter, with the help of which the DC current is converted into AC and supplied to our equipment.

Types of UPS-

Offline UPS-

Offline UPS provide power directly to the load and start giving backup using the battery in case of a power supply shortage.

its Transfer time is 5 ms.

Online UPS- 

Online UPS supplies power with the help of inverters and rectifiers.

This keeps the load and the battery power on simultaneously so that the power from the battery remains on when the main power is cut off.

its transfer time is o second.

Online UPS costs more than offline UPS.

Online UPS has a lot of heat production.

Application of UPS-

In personal equipment-

UPS is used in personal equipment such as computer, TV etc.

In industries- 

UPS is also used in many industries where there is a possibility of a lot of problems arising due to power cut.

In Medical equipment-

UPS is used in the medical field with life-saving equipment such as ventilators etc.

in telecommunication-

UPS is also used extensively in the telecommunications field, UPS is also used to run internet servers.


Luminous, Su-Kam, Microtek, genus Power are some top UPS manufacturer in India.

some other famous full form of UPS

UPS- Uninterruptible Power supply

UPS- United Parcel Service

UPS- User Profile system


Similar full forms-

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