What is the full form of DC ?

DC Full Form: Direct Current, Data Compression, Deputy Commissioner, District of Columbia, Detective Comics

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DC is a famous acronym which has many full forms, we will talk about the 5 most famous DC full forms here.

DC is an abbreviation that is used in the electrical field, is in the administrative field, is called for the name of the place, and is very popular in comics as well.


DC 5 famous full forms
DC 5 famous full forms


we will discuss all five Full forms of DC here in Detail-

DC- Direct current


DC means direct current as the name suggests, direct means straight or in the same direction.

As we know, there are two types of current called alternating current or AC and direct current which is also called DC.

If you see the graph of both these types of current flow, then you will get the meaning of their name completely clear, the graph of alternating current is up and down, meaning in alternating while the graph of direct current runs straight.

in the picture below you can check the Graph od AC and DC.


DC full form -Direct current
DC full form -Direct current

History of DC-

Thomas Alva Edison invented DC current in the 18th century. You would be surprised to know that in the early 19th century, DC current was used for every job in America.

But soon after seeing DC current’s transmission losses, AC Current circulation increased.




Source of Direct current-

There are many sources for direct current such as batteries, solar cells, and rectifiers.

Right now the DC current used in the domestic equipment in our home is converted from AC current only.

Like in our home television we supply AC current but with the help of a transformer our television converts it into DC and then use

We can easily convert AC to DC and DC to AC as per your needs. A rectifier is used to convert AC to DC while the inverter is used to convert DC to AC.

Benefits of Direct Current-

  • The biggest advantage of DC current is that it can be easily stored and today DC current is used everywhere and it has changed our life to a great extent and its quality can be easily stored. Could have made it so useful.
  • Many domestic types of equipment operate more efficiently when operated on DC, this is also a big advantage of DC current.
  • DC is very useful when it comes to power transmission, very high voltage DC current is used in very long-distance power transmission.
  • Another advantage of DC current is that when we use domestic equipment, its maximum voltage level is from 12 to 48, then it is not dangerous in any way, meaning you cannot be shocked by this current.
  • One of the biggest advantages of direct current is that you can use it anywhere with the help of batteries and solar cells you can use DC instantaneously anywhere.


The biggest disadvantage of DC current is its transmission loss. At low voltage, the transmission loss is very high, as if you want to take 12 volts of power even 20 meters away, then the power loss becomes very high.

Another disadvantage of DC current is that it is easier to convert AC to DC while it is a bit difficult to convert DC to AC.


uses of Direct Current-

  • The largest use of DC current is in automobiles. You cannot imagine this best automobile sector today without DC current.
  • Be it a small car or a big car or an airplane, everywhere you have the use of DC current by the battery.
  • Most of the appliances are being used in our house, most of them operate on DC currents, such as your television, your mobile, your computer, and others.
  • High voltage DC is used for very long-distance power transmission as it reduces power loss.
  • Nowadays, battery means DC current is not only being used to start the vehicle but also to drive the vehicle on a large scale.
  • DC current is also used in telecommunications, from 48 volts to 72 volts current is used here.



DC- DATA Compression

DC means data compression,
By this process, any data can be compressed before storing or transmitting it, without losing any information.

Data compression is a digital signal- process in which any data is compressed into bits before transmitting or storing it so that it uses less space and net.

From a simple exam, we can understand that if you have to transfer a file of 1GB to a friend, how long it will take you or how much data will have to be spent,

but if you compress the same file and assume that its If the new size is 250 MB, then you can understand how easy it became to transmit it.


dc-data compression
dc-data compression

There are many methods uses for data compression but ZIP and ARC are the main among them.


Types of Data Compression-

Two types of methods are used for data compression

Lossless Data Compression- 

Under this data compression method, when you compress the data, there is no loss of information, not even a single bit.

This type of data compression method is used to transfer software and important files so that not a single bit is missed, because you know that if one letter is missed by any software, then that software Won’t work.


Lossy Data Compression- 

In this data compression method, some bit of information is lost, but the method of this data compression is done on files of that type where some beats information flame also does not matter.

For example, in sending images, most of such data compression method is used because even if some bits of information are lost from a JPG or PNG file, the image will still open.


Benefits of DC- Data Compression- 

  • The biggest advantage of data compression is that file transfer is faster.
  • After compressing the data, you need less space to store any file.
  • One major advantage of data compression is that it works for both your time and expenses.


DC- Deputy Commissioner

The DC full form or meaning in the Administrative term as Deputy Commissioner.

The District Commissioner is the executive head of any district, an administrative sub-unit of a state.

The District Commissioner is also called the District Magistrate.

The Deputy Commissioner has full responsibility for implementing the law and order and government schemes of any district.

The deputy commissioner also has the right to look at all the financial matters related to the district. Land revenue also comes under the deputy commissioner, which is why he is sometimes called a collector.

DC full form deputy commissioner
DC full form deputy commissioner



DC- District of Columbia

Another famous full form of DC Acronym is the District of Columbia.

Now its name has been changed to Washington DC, which is also the capital of America.

It is one of the largest and developed cities in the world.

dc- district of columbia
dc- district of Columbia



DC- Detective Comics

DC has another very famous full form of detective comics.

American Comic Book Series was run by DC Comic Publishers, Detective Comics was a part of that.
It is one of America’s most famous comic book.

dc-detective comice
dc-detective comice


Similar Important Full forms- 

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