What is the full form of PHD ?

PHD Full Form: Doctor of Philosophy

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Ph.D. is a high-level degree. PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. PhD is considered the most common highest level academic degree. Doctor of Philosophy degree is a post-graduation academic program that aims to prepare next-generation researchers and scientists.

Ph.D. is also called DPhil in some other countries as this is the most professional degree around the world. One can pursue a Doctor of philosophy degree to teach in their particular subject at Universities as well as to work on a specific post in that field.

After completing this Doctorate one can associate “Dr.” short for a doctor before their respective name. Completion of a Doctor of Philosophy degree requires years of research and project-based work and study.

Ph.D. Full Form
PhD. Full-Form

PHD program Objectives

  • The most important or prior aim of a doctor of philosophy degree is to educate leading researchers and scientists of next generation
  • Doctorate of Philosophy is the most prestigious degree in the world so it requires a lot of research
  • Practical, projects based years of learning to study and research a particular subject

Eligibility for Ph.D.

  •  One who has completed their masters in their particular subject can pursue this Doctor of Philosophy degree
  • Some Colleges specify Ph.D. aspirants to fulfill the qualifications they offer Ph.D. courses even if the candidate has cleared UGC NET
  • Some universities and colleges require the Ph.D. candidates to complete an MPhil if they want to pursue the Doctor of Philosophy degree that the university is offering
  • Candidates are required to get a decent and sufficient GATE score before applying for Ph.D.

 Subjects for Ph.D.

 Ph.D. began from medieval Europe that organized four study faculties and offered bachelor and then masters or doctorate in that field. These four faculties were – Basic faculty of Arts and then three optional higher faculties such as Theology, law, and Medicine.

Even if the Philosophy word is connected to this degree it is not pointing at the particular subject “Philosophy”. Here Philosophy defines the Greek word “Love of Wisdom”. That is why a PhD or Doctorate of Philosophy degree also refer as a master’s degree in any subject. These are few main subjects for PhD. –

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Economics
  4. Finance
  5. Statics
  6. Health care management
  7. Mathematics
  8. Accounting
  9. Organizational behaviour
  10. Biotechnology
  11. Biochemistry
  12. Engineering

Ph.D.  FAQs

 Which is better MS or Ph.D.?

 In medieval Europe, both Masters’s and Ph.D. degrees were treated in the same order. Although in the modern world the Master’s degree is considered to be more career-related to get a particular job or position in a specific field.

On the other hand Doctorate in philosophy, the degree requires years of deep study. Ph.D. concentrates on research because the candidates are officially preparing for research-oriented jobs such as scientists or in the academic field like professors for a specific subject at universities.

Apart from this some universities even require the candidate of PhD to have a master’s degree before applying.

 Can Ph.D. be called Doctor?

 Yes anyone who has completed their PhD will use the “Dr.” word in front of their name. However, any Doctorate does not describe someone elitist. It is because being an elitist depends on an expert’s behaviour of sharing knowledge and how they act.

How long is PhD?

 A PhD or degree takes up to 8 years to complete. In some other cases, it depends on the subject, field of study, course design by that particular university, and the program that college or institute is offering.

Why is a PhD is called a doctor?

 PhD word is used as a short form for the Latin word “Philosophiae doctor”. It defines the term
Doctor of philosophy”. On the other hand the word “philosophy” does not particularly define the subject “philosophy”.

In Greek, the word “Philosophy” is used for the term “Love of wisdom”. That is why a Ph.D. is the highest and most prestigious degree in any given subject or field.  While the word “Doctor” stands for “teacher” which is also a symbol of knowledge or wisdom. This research-based program PhD creates the future leaders of that particular subject.

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