What is the full form of NIOS ?

NIOS Full Form: National Institute of Open Schooling

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NIOS full form or meaning is National Institute of Open Schooling.

NIOS refers to the National Institute of Open schooling formerly known as National Open School.

NIOS is the board of school education and is running under the Union government of India.

NIOS provides remote learning or distant learning opportunities to school students to regulate the law of the Right to Education. So if you can’t attend regular schooling you can opt for distant learning from NIOS.

NIOS full form
NIOS full form

Objectives of NIOS

There are many students in India, especially in village areas who cannot pursue their education due to poverty or lack of resources.

That is where NIOS helps them to complete school education with a certificate as remote learners.

It aims to

  • Provide Academic and Vocational Education Programmes to earn livelihood or life learnings on a school level.
  • Provide Credit Transformation process for regular learners so they can continue their distant education.
  • Manage development, excellence and quality in Open and Distance Learning curriculum
  • Develop research and development sector so learners can get better Open education experience
  •  Focus on networking, resource-sharing and more facilities to promote open school culture on the national and international level

How to get admission to NIOS?

Admission to the National Institute of open schooling is not that odd or strange as it may sound.

It is just a simple process. Although a few years ago there was only an off-line admission system after 2011-12 NIOS has presented a 100% online admission system.

In this way, if you want to get admission into NIOS you can opt either of below ways –

  •  Voluntary register yourself on-line for registration Visit any nearest AI and ask them for on-line registration where AI refers to Study centre or facilitation centre
  •  Visit your NIOS regional centre for on line-registration

Just keep in mind to attach all the proper documents otherwise your application will be rejected and the fee may not be refunded.

You can get admission in the below criteria –

  •  Admission is Open Basic Education (OBE) Programme for the age group above 14, adolescents at A, B and C levels that are treated the same as 3rd, 5th and 8th class of regular school system
  •  Secondary Education Course
  •  Senior Secondary Education Course
  •  Vocational education courses
  •  Life enrichment programs
Benefits of NIOS
Benefits of NIOS

Advantages and disadvantages of NIOS


Apparently, there is no particular disadvantage of completing education from NIOS.

Everything depends on you if you can do self-study with the help of study materials and quality provided to you by NIOS affiliated institute then it’s going to be a better choice for you.

However, there are a lot of advantages of NIOS. Here are a few of those!


  • NIOS is approved by HRD Government of India
  • No need to join regular classes and homework load of school
  • More flexibility in choosing subjects
  • Study from remote village areas
  • Best option for failed students to pass the examination in the same year
  • If you left education for any reason, NIOS is a good option to continue that
  • Same syllabus as CBSE

Frequently asked question for NIOSIs

NIOS valid for IAS?

If you are willing to go for IAS or UPSC examination but not sure would NIOS be accepted then here is an answer.

Feel free to choose NIOS because you will be equally eligible for any civil service exam such as IAS or UPSE, CSE, and PCS.

Just complete graduation from a recognizable university and prepare for IAS.

What is the difference between CBSE and NIOS?

The only difference between these two boards CBSE and NIOS is that –

 CBSE is mainly for regular school students while NIOS is for distant learning.

 In CBSE you have to give the 11th and 12th exams separately but in NIOS there is only one exam for the 12th.

Is NIOS good for the future?

NIOS is a highly reputed and recommended board of the Indian government that doesn’t have any less facility than any other board such as CBSE.

So it is equally valuable and won’t harm your future at all.

You can apply for any college or university after completing senior secondary education from the National Institute of open school.

By the way, you can read success stories of NIOS students here – www.nios.ac.in/success-stories.aspx

Interesting facts about NIOS

NIOS is a government authorized board so students who have passed the NIOS examination can appear for any entrance exam such as – JEE, BITSAT, AIPMT, etc.

NIOS offers on-demand examination so it is an opportunity for failure and dropout students to give examination to their flexibility.

NIOS is recognized on both national and global levels as it works through 21 Regional and 4 sub-centres along with 6351 study centres in India and 31 study centres in foreign countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Muscat, Kingdom of Bahrain, Nepal, etc.

NIOS is known to conduct two examinations every year that includes one exam in April or May and the second exam in October or November.

So that is all you need to know for NIOS. Have a good day! Keep learning !!

Other famous full forms of NIOS

NIOS- Network Identity Operating System- in cybersecurity


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