What is the full form of ACCA ?

ACCA Full Form: Association of Certified chartered accountants

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The full form of ACCA is the Association of Certified chartered accountants. ACCA is an international organization that gives students a certified chartered accountant certification.

The duration period for the Association of certified charted accountant courses depends on the level of the education of the student. However, on average, the duration of the ACCA can be 1 year to 7 years maximum.

The eligibility criteria for the Association of certified chartered accountants is quite the same in all of the top ACCA colleges in India.

ACCA full form
ACCA full form

About ACCA

The association of certified chartered accountants courses provide opportunities all over the world to students. The association of certified chartered accountants is an internationally recognized organization so to have its qualification is a great way for any student to build a career in finance and accountancy.

The members of ACCA are able to work in various commercial sectors such as business development, audit and assurance, business restructuring, compliances and risk, commercial finance, advisory and consulting, business and corporate accounting, cyber security, corporate finance, finance and administration, education and training, leadership, project management, investor relations, tax, support services, treasury etc.

Students can pursue these ACCA courses if they plan to study abroad. The fee for any top ACCA college in India can vary from 28000 to 260000. The syllabus of the ACCA course can be merged with either BBA or B.com which makes these ACCA courses the most popular choices among students of commerce stream even if there are plenty of other choices. There are two admission modes for ACCA – merit-based and entrance based.

Eligibility for ACCA

This is the main eligibility criteria for the Association of certified chartered accountants courses –

To apply for the ACCA courses the candidate must be at least 18 years of age.

The candidate must have passed senior secondary education such as 10+2 which is the minimum required educational qualification.

The candidate must have a minimum of 65% in accounts or Mathematics and English in their 12th board exams.

The candidate must have passed 12th with a minimum of 50% marks.

Structure of ACCA

The Association of certified chartered accountants is the most reputed qualification in accountancy.

The association of certified chartered accountants is considered a high-level professional qualification so it is equal to completing a full university degree.

ACCA is IFAC compliant based on auditing standards and international accounting.

These ACCA courses can be pursued either parallel along with graduation such as BBA, B.com etc. or it can be already embedded within graduation course.

ACCA is desirable and attractive for students for the fact that it has a flexible examination scheme.

There are 13 compulsory papers in the ACCA course that are required to complete within a maximum period of 7 years.

The curriculum of ACCA is internationally recognized and relevant as well as it is a great platform for those students to build an aspiring career in finance and accounting.


Is ACCA harder than CA?

No ACCA is not harder than the CA exam in terms of duration, number of papers, course levels, course flexibility etc. that is why CA or chartered accountancy is considered to be tougher and harder than the association of certified chartered accountancy.

What is the ACCA course salary?

The salary for an individual who has ACCA qualifications can vary from position to position. It can be up to 8 lac INR per annum. This pay scale for ACCA qualified students normally ranges between Rs. 4 lac to Rs. 15 lac per annum. In other cases, it can be higher which depends on the skills, company and competition.

How long is ACCA course?

There are 13 compulsory papers in the ACCA course so on average it takes 2 years to complete all the examinations of the ACCA course along with 3 years of work experience. However, the maximum duration to complete ACCA is 7 years.

Some other famous full forms of ACCA

ACCA- Air Conditioning Contractors of America

ACCA- Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Similar full forms

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