What is the full form of MCVC ?

MCVC Full Form: Minimum Competency Vocational Courses

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MCVC full form or meaning is Minimum Competency Vocational Courses.

MCVC i.e. Minimum Competency Vocational Courses, now also known as HSC Vocational Courses

It gives students the opportunity to pursue vocational courses in the same amount of time, instead of doing traditional eleventh and twelfth course after the tenth, which Significantly increases their job and self-employment chances.

So if seen in this way, now students who have passed the tenth have got the option of MCVC course in addition to plus two-course, ITI course, and diploma course.

Another good thing about the MCVC course is that in this, students get the option of many types of branches, out of which students can choose one field according to their interest, and further make their career in that field. Such as engineering technology, computer technology etc.

MCVC full form
MCVC full form

During this 2-year course, special attention is given to giving maximum practical knowledge to the students.

So if a student does this MCVC course, then he gets ready for many types of technical jobs after these 2 years, or if he wants to go for higher education, then what he studied during these 2 years will prove very helpful for him.

Branches available under MCVC course

There are 5 courses available under MCVC-

  1. Engineering Technology
  2. commerce Technology
  3. Agriculture Technology
  4. Health and Paramedical Technology
  5. Home Science Technology

Eligibility for MCVC course

Any student who has passed class 10 from a recognized board can join the MCVC course, for admission in this course, it is enough to score the pass mark in 10th standard.

MCVC Course Duration

MCVC course is of 2 years and like the usual plus two patterns, it also has 11th and 12th.

Course fees

Tuition fees for the MCVC course are very low. In most institutes, students may have to pay from 2 to ₹ 5000 to complete this course.

Most of the colleges or Institutes for this course is managed by the State and Central Governments themselves.

Interesting Facts about MCVC course

  • MCVC course is becoming very popular today, and for some reason students who are not able to score well in class 10th, and are not able to get admission in ITI or Diploma, this course is proving very useful for them.
  • MCVC course has the same validation as the plus 2 patterns, meaning even after the MCVC course, students can do all the jobs and further studies which they would be able to do after the plus two patterns.
  • Today there are many institutes in every state for MCVC course, but Maharashtra has the most MCVC institutes.
  • Many students are starting their own business after this course, and they are getting a good result.


What can I do after 12 MCVC?

After the MCVC course, you can do everything that you would do after the 12th, that is to say, that you can go for a technical job after the MCVC course or you can start your own business.

After this course, if you want to go for higher education, then you can join technical courses such as diploma and engineering as well as non-technical courses.

Is MCVC equivalent to ITI?

No, MCVC is not equivalent to ITI
MCVC equals plus two, while ITI does not equal +2 or Intermediate.

There are many government and private jobs, in which only ITI students can apply, MCVC students are not allowed.
At the same time, there are some posts of plus two-level, for which MCVC people can apply, ITI people cannot.

Some other famous full form of MCVC

MCVC- Mobile Convention and Visitors Corporation- in Business terms

MCVC- Mid Coast Vatarnal Council- in Governmental


Similar full forms

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  1. Is mcvc equivalent to 11 12th..,…it means we are going to do this course instead of 11 12th college…….. please clear my confusion……..

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