What is the full form of I SC ?

I SC Full Form: Intermediate of Science

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I sc- intermediate of science is nothing but +2 science called as I sc in some Indian states.

intermediate of science is one of the famous subjects combinations choosed by the students after completion of class 10th.

In the Indian education system, all students have to read all the subjects till class 10th.

Only after the tenth, they get the option to use their subject for the first time. Now they can choose their subject according to their interests and need and make their career ahead in that subject.

I SC Full Form
I SC Full Form

After the tenth, many options are available, out of which 1 student can choose one option. intermediate of arts, intermediate of Commerce, ITI and diploma courses are other options than intermediate of science or I sc.

so here will try to explain to you in detail about the Full form of I sc.

what is I sc?

The combination of studying with science subjects is called ISC Intermediate of Science. Under this, students study physics chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology subjects.

There are also two types of combination options under the Intermediate of Science.

  1. PCM
  2. PCB

Under PCM, students study physics chemistry and math subjects. In addition to these three compulsory subjects, there is a language subject and the student is given the opportunity to use an optional subject.

Students who want to pursue their higher studies in engineering or science subjects later take PCM combination.

Under the PCB subject combination, students have to study physics chemistry and biology subjects. Apart from this, the student gets the opportunity to choose a language subject and a 5th optional subject.

Students who want to pursue a career in the medical field, they study with PCB subject combination.

Apart from this, some students who are confused about which field they want to go to in the field of engineering, then they study with the combination of PCMB or PCBM so that their path to both further medical and engineering fields will be open.

Admission Procedure-

There are many colleges or schools for Intermediate of Science courses and they give direct admission on the 10th mark basis.

But nowadays as competition is increasing, many colleges or schools are beginning to demand a good percentage.

Today you will get many top schools, in which you will have to score at least 90% 10th for admission.

Optional or 5th paper subjects







Physical education

these are some of the famous optional subject options.


Tuition fees of I sc-

For I SC course, if you are in a government college, then you do not have to pay any fees, just have to pay exam fees.

but In the case of private schools, you may have to pay fees from 1000 to 10004 months.


Career options after intermediate of science- 

After doing Intermediate of Science, students have a lot of higher education options for studying, besides if they want to do a job, then they also have the chance.

A student can take any one of the following option as thier higher education option-

visit the official website of CBSE +2

Visit the official website of Bihar Board +2

I hope this article about the full form of I sc helps you to understand this course. you can write to us if you have any suggestions or questions. Our experts will help you out. you can also check the full form of other courses, such as the full form of IA.





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