What is the full form of I Com ?

I Com Full Form: Intermediate of Commerce

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I com full form is Intermediate of Commerce. intermediate of commerce course one can do after the successful completion of class 10th from any recognized board.

Intermediate of Commerce is a 12th level course that deals with accountancy and Economics.

There is a lot to learn and know in the commerce field. Students who have an interest in accountancy and economics should take this course.

If you want to advance in the field of commerce, then Intermediate with Commerce is its first step.

After doing this course you can expect a good career and a good life.

After the 10th level in India, students get a chance to decide their course or area of study. so many options are available such as- Intermediate of arts, Intermediate of Science, Intermediate of Commerce, Industrial training institute, Diploma in Engineering and others.

students can choose any group according to his interests and requirement.

I Com full form

Eligibility for I. Com- 

The eligibility criterion is very easy for the I-Com course. Any student who has passed class X can join this course.

Most colleges and schools give you admission on the basis of your 10th mark.

But some of the top colleges or schools can demand a very good percentage of you on the 10th, for example, for admission to some colleges of DU- Delhi University, you have to score 90% or above in 10th.

Admission procedure for I Com-

In almost all schools and colleges, you get admission directly on the basis of your 10th mark. There are some top colleges, they can conduct your interview too.

Subjects in I Com- 

In the intermediate of commerce course, you will have two types of subjects-

  • compulsory subjects
  • optional subjects

including compulsory subjects and optional subjects, every student have to study a minimum of five subjects.we will discuss them in detail below-

Accountancy ( compulsory)- 

Accountancy is the most important and compulsory subject of the Intermediate of Commerce.

Under this, you are taught how to manage different types of accounts.

Accountancy is also called an integral part of commerce. Under, you learn about numbers and financial data through numerical and theoretical methods.

Economics (compulsory)-

Under the Economics subject, you have to read about the Indian economy, what has been the history of the Indian economy. How did the economy do good or bad?

Business Studies (compulsory)-

Under Business Studies, you are taught about different types of business. The goal of any business and how it can be found.


There is a subject of the English language which helps you a lot in your career.


English is not a compulsory subject in many of the state boards. many state boards give you an option to study English as an Optional subject. all the information provided here is based on the CBSE syllabus.

Mathematics (optional)

Entrepreneurship (optional)

Computer science (optional)

IT (optional)

Hindi (optional)


Physical Education (Optional)

CBSE Board and other state boards also give an option to take the sixth subject during the Intermediate of Commerce course.

The advantage of taking six subjects is that if your score is low in one of the 5 subjects, then at the time of final percentage calculation, your 6th papers are ranked by placing them in the top 5. With which your final percentage may increase slightly.

Course fees-

For most of the Government colleges, you needed not to pay any tuition fees.

for private colleges or schools, you have to pay a tuition fee of 1000 to 10000 per month.

Jobs and Higher education options after I Com-

several private and Government sector options are available after completion of the I Com course.

if you are going for Private jobs, you can get an initial salary of 10000 per month.

Higher education options- 

  • B COM
  • BBA
  • BBM
  • BSC
  • BCA

I hope this article about the full form of I COM helps you to understand this course. if you have any suggestions or questions. Our experts will help you out. you can also check the full form of other courses, such as the Full form of ITI.


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