What is the full form of ADCA ?

ADCA Full Form: Advance Diploma in Computer Applications

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The meaning or full form of ADCA is Advance Diploma in Computer Applications.

As we know today is the era of computer and internet, and at a time when students who are not able to do any computer-related course before 10th or 12th, today among all those ADCA courses i.e. Advance Diploma in Computer Applications is becoming very famous.

The best part of the ADCA course is that it can be done by any student, whether he has passed class X or has graduated.

Today, computer usage is increasing in every sector, and students or those who do not have knowledge of computers are facing a lot of problems, so the ADCA course is very helpful for all those people or students.

And this course gives them all the knowledge to do computer operation and all the everyday work on the computer.

ADCA full form
ADCA full form

Until some time ago people were doing DCA i.e. Diploma in Computer Application Course, but now the ADCA course, which is quite advanced from DCA, has been started.

Today there are many young people, students and working people, who have a great desire to learn computers but do not know where to start.
So the ADCA course is a very good course for all those people, where they are taught computer concepts starting from zero levels.

What is the ADCA course?

ADCA is a basic computer diploma course that any student can do after passing his tenth to get a basic knowledge of the computer field
This course can be a student’s first course in the computer field, after which he can start working in the computer sector, or by pursuing further courses in the computer and IT sector, he can take his career to a high level.

Today a large number of students as well as aged people are doing ADCA i.e. Advanced Diploma in Computer Application Course and making themselves Computer Literate

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Eligibility of ADCA course

The minimum qualification to join the ADCA course is tenth meaning any student who has passed tenth can join this course.

So here let me tell you that if a student wants to do an ADCA course even after 12th or graduation, then he can.

For the ADCA course, a student must be at least 14 years old and no maximum age limit is specified.

ADCA course full form
ADCA course full form

ADCA Course Duration

The ADCA course is 12 months, meaning 1 year, during which there are 2 semesters of six months each.

Who should take the ADCA course

By the way, the ADCA course is the best basic course of computer which any student who has passed class X can do.

But if a student has not done any computer-related studies till the tenth, then the student must take this course because further, he will take any course in any field, then his computer knowledge will help him to understand his subjects, And will be very helpful in better learning through the internet.

Also, people who are doing higher education and still do not have much knowledge of computers yet, then those students should also take this course
Together people who are working and do not have knowledge of computer should also take this course.

What Students learn During ADCA course

During the 1 year course of ADCA, students are given knowledge of Computer Basics to Basic Computer Programming.

First semester subjects

  • Computer fundamental
  • Operating System
  • Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel
  • Internet and email
  • Computer network
  • multimedia concept

Second-semester subjects

  • Tally
  • visual basic
  • Coreldraw
  • C programming
  • Photoshop
  • C++

Admission Procedure

Most institutes give you direct admission, and the percentage criterion is also simple, meaning students who have passed 10th can join this course.
At the same time, some central and state universities also conduct entrance exam for this course.

Some good institutes for ADCA course

The ADCA course is available today in a variety of private institutions, in addition to the Central and State Governments.
Even many institutes provide this course online.

Whenever a student takes admission in this course, he must take care of two things-

  1. In the institute where you are going to take admission, how is the study, how are the lecturers, how is the lab facility.
  2. Whether that institute is accredited or not

Following are some top ADCA institutes-

  • Mata Sundari College, New Delhi
  • Kheda Arts and Commerce College, Kheda
  • Institute of Career Development Lucknow
  • Netaji Subash College, Raipur
  • Thakur Polytechnic, Mumbai
  • Professional Computer Institute, Mumbai

Tuition fees for ADCA course-

Tuition for the ADCA course ranges from ₹ 5000 to ₹ 20000 in most colleges, while some private colleges charge up to ₹ 50000 for this course.

Job Profile-

After the ADCA course, you can expect a good salary, or if you are already doing a job then you can expect to progress in it.

After this course, students get an opportunity to work in the government and private sector, where they can get the following profile-

  • computer operator
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Web Developer
  • Accountant
  • IT Infrastructure Supervisor
  • Graphic designer
  • DTP Operator
  • Office Executive

After the ADCA course, students can get a starting salary from 7 to ₹ 10000 which can increase with experience and with their skill development.

Important Computer-related course full forms-

DCA- Diploma in Computer Application

BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application

MCA- Master of Computer Application

COPA– Computer Operator cum Programming Assistant


What is the full form of Pgdca in computer?

PGDCA full form is Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications.
any graduate Student can join this course, to get a basic and moderate level of knowledge of the Computer sector.

This course is also useful for the students, those who want to do MCA from IGNOU and have not studied maths paper during 12th or during graduation.

Similar full forms

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