What is the full form of SSD ?

SSD Full Form: Solid State Drive

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The full form or meaning of SSD is Solid State Drive.

A solid-state drive is also called solid-state storage because it uses integrated circuit assembly, commonly called flash memory, to store data continuously, and it does not have any physical spinning disk-like HDD.

SSD stores data by means of electrical charge, hence this storage is nonvolatile storage, as it has floating gate transistors to conserve electrical charge.

So SSD i.e. Solid State Drive has many cells in which data is stored, and there are many types of SSD storage, which depend on how many bits of data can be stored in each cell.

SSD full form
SSD full form

SSD consumes very little power and does not allow data loss even for long periods of time without a power supply.

Talking about the history of SSD, the first semiconductor storage device was made in 1978 named STC 4305.

components of SSD

  1. Flash Memory Chip– charge trap flash memory chips are used to store the data.
  2. Flash Controller– There is a charge controller on the SSD drive which manages the input-output i.e. read and write.

Advantage of SSD

These are some major advantages of SSD-

Speed- The speed of SSD is very high as compared to HDD, so it takes very little time to transfer any data. Good SSDs can be up to 60 times faster than HDDs

Long Life- SDD does not have any moving parts, so there is very little chance of it getting damaged, so you can use SDD for a long time as compared to HDD

Lower Power Consumption- SDD consumes very little power, and that is why it does not heat up quickly, so you can use it continuously without damaging this storage device.

Compact Size- The physical size of SDD is very small, so it can be easily used even on a small laptop or computer, it is also very easy to carry somewhere.

SSD Advantage
SSD Advantage

Disadvantages of SSD

Well, if seen, SSD is the new technology, which is making computers and mobile devices fast, and its speciality has made it so famous today, but if we talk about the problems that come with some SSD, then the biggest problem is that it is still quite expensive compared to HDDs today
Although over time it has become much cheaper today, still its price is almost twice that of HDD.


SSD is a new and advanced technologyHDD is old Technology
SSD data transfer rate is very highHDD data transfer rate is low, as compared to SSD
SSD does not have any moving partHDD does have a moving part, called a flash controller
As SSD does not have any moving parts so it does not make any noise while working.HDD makes some noise while working
The Physical size of SDD is very compactThe physical size of the HDD is very large as compared to SDD
SDD is ExpensiveHDD is much cheaper than SDD
The overall life is longthe overall life is less than SDD
Consumes less powerConsumes high power

Applications of SDD

Today the use of SDD is increasing very fast in the digital world, and the reason behind it is that SDD transfers data at high speed and compact size.
Some of the major places where SDD is being used today are as follows-

  • Computer and Laptop
  • Mobile
  • Server
  • Surveillance
  • Automobile

Best SSDs

Samsung 870 QVO 1 TB 

Read-write speed 560 MB per Second. (Available on Amazon)

Kingston Q500 240GB SATA3 2.5 SSD

Read-write speed 500 MB per Second. (Available on Amazon)

Seagate 240 GB 2.5x7mm SATA_6_0_gb Internal SSD (ZA240CV1A001)

Read-write speed 550 MB per Second. (Available on Amazon)

Western Digital WD SN550 500GB NVMe Internal SSD 

Read-write speed 1700 MB per Second. (Available on Amazon)

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Which is Better SSD or HDD?

SSD storage is a new age technology, which has the ability to read and write data at high speed, but it is expensive.
Whereas in HDD you can read and write data at low speed, but it is cheaper.

Should I buy SSD storage or HDD?

If you want to buy storage for some work in which speed matters then SSD is better for you
Whereas if you want to buy low-cost storage, where you can store a lot of data, then you can go for HDD

Some other famous full forms of SDD

SSD-  Social Security Disability (in US Government)

SSD- Super Star Destroyer (in Science Fiction)

SSD- Susquehanna Service Dogs (a Famous NGO for Dogs)

Similar full forms

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