What is the full form of PC ?

PC Full Form: Personal Computer

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Full form of PC

There are various full forms available for the term PC. Here we are going to describe two main definitions of PC –


PC full form in technology


In technology or computing sector PC stands for Personal Computer which is a multi-purpose computer that allows flexibility to its user due to its size, capabilities, price and other feature.

Personal Computer is now mainstream gadgets used by direct consumers such as common people and not just the technicians and computer experts.

A computer is no longer a specific word or device to use. As the use of computers increased its models and types also progressed and developed over time.

Personal Computer is a type of traditional computer but it is portable and more efficient to use. And it has higher chances that you are reading this on your own personal computer.



About Personal Computers


Personal computers or PC are designed and developed for individual use however formerly PC were only developed for companies to attach their terminals for different users to a single big computer so the users can share all the resources. Hence PC are also called microcomputers.

The mainstream example of PC is the desktop computer that we use at homes, small companies, school and college etc.

These PC are now the necessity for businesses that use PC for everyday tasks because everything has gone digital now a days.





Is a PC same thing as a Laptop?

PCs and Laptops are almost same infect laptops are also called PC. However, in other ways, a Laptop can have fewer features than desktop PCs. Apart from this if someone gets a pre-made and customisable laptop then there is not much difference between PC and Laptop.


Should I buy a PC or laptop?

The laptop gives more flexibility than a desktop personal computer or PC. So if someone is looking for compatibility and portability Laptop is preferred than desktop PC.


Can a laptop replace a PC?

Yes, Laptops are diverse, efficient and powerful, and developed nowadays so it can be used instead of a personal computer.


What is the lifespan of PC?

Most of the desktop PC can last for 3years minimum. Maintains and upgrading components are crucial for the lifespan of PC. So a personal computer can have a lifespan of five to eight years.




PC full form in texting


Another full form of PC is related to texting. PC defines Politically correct or Political correctness. PC is used as a term phrase to indicate a particular behaviour or a type of person.

Politically correctness is a phrase used to present policies, report, language etc. that are mean to avoid harms to people of a specific society and group.


Politically correct or Political correct term is highly used in media or social sharing sites and also online communication to denote a behaviour of inclusive language preference and avoidance of language that can look excluding, insulting, inappropriate, one-sided, unjust or marginalized to a set of people defined through gender, ethnicity or sex.

The use of this term politically correct or political correctness was initially used in the 1970s to 1980s to as self-criticize or satire. Hence it wasn’t used to refer a serious political movement or personality type.

Later the term PC started using in online communications and articles of big publications and it got popular.




What is a PC person?

If PC term is used for a person it means that person is extremely cautious to not to disrespect or insult any group or individual of society with a certain thought. So PC person is a politically correct person.


What does PC principal mean?

PC principal or politically correct is used as a name to describe something or someone who is dedicated to political correctness and social justice reasons. This kind of person or group is known for being a supporter of equal rights to everyone, mostly behaving rudely to someone who behaves or show a sign of being intolerance for any kind of thing or right.


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