What is the full form of OS ?

OS Full Form: Operating System

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OS full form or meaning is Operating System.

An Operating System is an interface between a computer or mobile user and computer hardware or mobile hardware.

Any computer or mobile works with software and hardware configurations, so the operating system is the system software, which provides a platform for the computer or mobile hardware and the computer or mobile software to work together so that the computer or mobile can work correctly.

The operating system performs all the basic tasks of any computer or mobile, such as memory management, file management, input and output handling, process management, etc.

Whether you are mobile, computer, video game or supercomputer, everything is working correctly due to the operating system.

OS full form
OS full form


There are several types of operating systems, such as single-tasking and multitasking.
Apart from this, there are also the single-user and multi-user operating systems.

In the beginning, when a computer was created, it was able to do only one thing without an operating system, such as a calculator.
Multitasking by computer, that is, an operating system gave a computer capable of doing a lot of work at once

Windows, iOS and Linux are some of the most famous computer operating systems, whereas Android and iOS are the most popular mobile operating systems.

Whenever you turn on your computer or mobile for the first time, it takes a little time before it turns on, and does some internal processing, in fact, your computer or mobile is starting its operating system, with the help of that, You will be able to use other software on your mobile or computer and do your essential work.

Importance of OS- Operating System in mobile and computer

An operating system is very important for any mobile or computer, or the most important because it acts as a middleman between the user and the computer or mobile.

As you know that computer understands a different machine language, does not understand any human language.

So a user cannot directly command a computer processor in human language, nor can a computer perform a task and respond in human language

So here is the need for a program that understands both computer language and human language, and can establish coordination between the two

An operating system performs this important function in a mobile or computer.

os operation
os operation


Functions of Operating System (OS)

Operating systems carry out the most important work of computer or mobile operation, some important functions are-

  1. Memory management
  2. device management
  3. security
  4. system performance control
  5. error detection
  6. process management
  7. file management
  8. co-ordination between all other software and users

Key Points about OS- operating system

  • As long as your computer or mobile is on, its operating system is also turned on
  • You can use other essential hardware parts of computer or mobile like CPU, memory and input-output devices such as a mouse, keyboard etc. only by using the operating system.
  • Microsoft is the most famous Microsoft operating system, and about 83% of computers use Microsoft’s Windows operating system.
    The second number is Apple’s Mac operating system, which is used in about 14 % of computers.
  • The most commonly used operating system in smartphones around the world is Google’s Android, the second is Apple’s iOS.Android’s market share is about 88 per cent, while iOS is having a 12 per cent share.
  • Linux operating system is also a famous computer operating system that is mostly used in supercomputers and server computers.

Some other famous full forms of OS

OS- Open Source- in computer software

OS- Online Services- in computing and networking

OS- off-site – in business

Similar full forms-

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