What is the full form of HCL ?

HCL Full Form: Hindustan Computers Limited

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The full form of HCL is Hindustan Computers Limited which is an India based multinational information technology or IT consulting and service organization.

Hindustan computers limited is considered to be a pioneer of modern computing along with various other inventions including the introductions of the 8-bit microprocessor-based computer in the year 1978.

HCL full form
HCL full form

HCL Company

 Hindustan computers limited is a leading information technology company that is headquartered in Noida, India.

Hindustan computer limited was established in 1976. Hindustan computers limited was formed as one of the original IT start-ups in India.

At present, there are more than 131000 employees in the Hindustan computers limited from around 140 nationalities. HCL is operating across 44 countries that include more than 500 branches in India of HCL.

Hindustan Computers Limited is a well-known IT company in India that generates nearly over 8.3 billion USD annual revenue. Hindustan computers limited provides various services in different sectors such as healthcare, technology as well as talent management solutions.

HCL has three major companies such as HCL information system, HCL Healthcare and HCL technologies.

History of HCL

Hindustan computers limited first started with HCL info systems in 1976 by six young entrepreneurs that believed that microprocessors could change the whole world and they left their corporate jobs and worked together.

HCL designed and presented India’s first-ever 8C microcomputer in 1978. Later in 1980 HCL launched a 16-bit processor microcomputer.

In 1983 Hindustan computers limited developed an RDBMS networking Operation System and client-server architecture. HCL developed a fine-grained multiprocessor NIW in 1988.

HCL comnett was launched in 1990 that is the infrastructure services division and later went on to pioneer remote infrastructure management.

The first Indian BPO global delivery centre was set up by HCL in 2001 in Northern Ireland for British Telecom.

HCL also created flight management systems for Boeing 747s in 2005. HCL established itself as a leader in the Data Centre in Workplace IT services in 2008.

HCL healthcare was formed in 2014.

HCL business lines

Here are the most known business lines of Hindustan Computers Limited or HCL –

IMS – infrastructure management services

ERS – Engineering and R&D services

Applications Services and Systems integrations

GRC Services and Cybersecurity

Business Services or BPO

Digital and Analytics


HCL Technologies and Services

Hindustan Computers limited has three major companies – HCL technologies, HCL Healthcare and HCL infosystems. These are the service areas of each HCL company –

HCL technologies

Hindustan computer limited technology is an international technology organization that helps companies create their businesses for the new digital age. HCL technology has technology products and services are based on four decades of innovation, experiment. It has invention based influential culture and concern on customer relationships.

These are key services of HCL technology –

Engineering and R&D service, cybersecurity and GRC services, Cloud services, DRYiCE, IoT services, Business services, Application services etc.

HCL infosystems

HCL infosystems have major key services such as Distribution, IT solutions and Enterprise Services.

It is a reputed distribution, IT solutions and services organization that let enterprise to attain and sustain competitive advantage by their information and communication technologies.

HCL Healthcare

HCL healthcare is a delivery section of HCL groups which is a network of multispecialty clinics mostly focused on corporate health. HCL healthcare offers preventive health solutions, dentistry solutions, and wellness and wellbeing programs managed care plans that aim to give the treatment for chronic and acute diseases.

The critical services by HCL healthcare include –

  • Gynaecology and Paediatrics
  • General practice and Internal Medicine
  • Dialectology and Pulmonology
  • Orthopaedics and physiotherapy
  • Dermatology and Dental
  • Health check-up

some interesting facts about HCL company

  • HCL operates Automotive, Electronics, Energy, Aerospace, defence, energy and many other sectors.
  • When the HCL company launched its shares in 1999, its price was ₹ 4 which is close to ₹ 1000 in 2021 today.
  • HCL includes in FORBES Global 2000 List.
  • In the year 2020, the HCL company did a business of around ₹ 12000 crores, and today the value of this company is close to ₹ 100000 crores.


Is HCL a government company?

yes, HCL technologies is a government company In the Information technology sector.

Who is the CEO of HCL?

C Vijayakumar is the CEO of HCL company.

Is HCL a Chinese company?

No HCL is not a Chinese company however it operates in many countries around the world.

Hindustan computers limited is a global IT organization that has to headquarter in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

HCL technology is a research and development division of HCL that formed in 1991.

HCL is an Indian company.


HCL full form in Chemistry

HCL full form in Chemistry is Hydrogen Chloride.

HCL is called Hydrochloric acid when the solution of Hydrogen Chloride gas is mixed with water.

Hydrogen chloride has many uses in day to day life and in industries. Mainly used for cleaning, pickling, tanning leather, electroplating metals, and refining and producing a wide range of products.

Some other famous full forms of HCL

HCL- Hardware Certification List- in computing

HCL- High Capacity Loader- in Transportation


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