What is the full form of DTP ?

DTP Full Form: Desktop publishing, distributed transaction processing

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Here we are going to discuss two full forms of DTP. One DTP full form is related to publishing and another is related to the database.

DTP full form
DTP full form

Full form of DTP in Computer

 The full form of DTP is Desktop publishing which is a publishing software. As the name suggests desktop publishing software issued to make and create high quality printed material on a desktop or computer.

Desktop publishing is a method to design and create printable documents for any individual, business or organizational use. The desktop publishing software is made to provide efficient control over the layout and design of a page in comparison to traditional word processors.

To solve the design and layout problems of word processors software these software named desktop publishing were invented that are mainly focused on page designing for various purposes.

Thus the desktop publishing is a technology in the publishing sector.

This desktop publishing software is capable to manufacture devices and interactive websites too. these are digital products and is used to print physical products such as news articles, newspapers, books, comics books etc. desktop publishing accomplish various targets of the user for different purposes such as business, formal, informal etc.

DTP Types

This desktop publishing technology is divided mainly into five categories these are –

  • Desktop publishing software for page layout
  • Desktop publishing websites for software editing image
  • Word processing apps
  • Graphics for various software
  • Websites for publishing systems

Apart from this desktop publishing can be divided into two types based on the type of work –

  • Desktop publishing that creates electronic pages
  • Desktop publishing that creates virtual pages. These virtual pages are used to print on physical papers like books, newspapers, magazines etc.

DTP usages

 Desktop publishing technology and software are mainly used –

  • To publish any kind of document
  • To publish books
  • To publish any news article or newspaper
  • To publish comics and magazines etc.

DTP Advantages

Desktop publishing has been emerged as one of the most important technologies especially in the sector of media and communications as well as in business and marketing. These are some of the advantages of desktop publishing –

  • Desktop publishing technology and software are important because this one can develop the look of the page layouts by balancing its colour, space and contrast.
  • Any document and page in DTP can be customized according to the need of the business and target audience of the business as well as according to the purpose of the document.
  • In case one doesn’t want to buy desktop publishing software and equipment then the DTP work can easily be outsourced.

Popular DTP software

Desktop publishing technology is used in various publishing media sectors through different types of software. These are some of the most used desktop publishing software –

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe frame maker
  • Adobe PageMaker
  • Corel Ventura
  • Open office.org
  • Microsoft office publisher
  • QuarkXPress
  • Express publisher
  • Page plus
  • Ventura publisher
  • Scribus

DTP applications

The use of desktop publishing is not limited to business. These are some common areas of applications for the desktop publishing software and technology –

  • Desktop publishing technology in page layout is used to publish comics, newspapers, magazines and books etc.
  • People looking for jobs can easily create an attractive resume, portfolio and cover letter using Microsoft office and other word processing software.
  • Graphic software such as Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, and QuarkXPress etc. are used to create web pages.

DTP full form in the database

Another full form of DTP has distributed transaction processing which is a method to distribute and to implement database transaction operations through various sets of database transactions services. These database transactional services for database transaction operations are used within a network.

In this network for distributed transaction processing more than one network host are considered to be complicated as for the payment processing of the database.

Advantages of DTP

These are the benefits of distributed transaction processing system –

  • In the distributed transaction process two transactions manage sessions and communicate with each other separately.
  • A user can move data and information between devices by operating digitally on remote servers.
  • Distributed transaction processing can be used to make a well-organized adaptable and efficient application.

Some other famous full forms of DTP

DTP- Dynamic Trunking Protocol- in computer networking

DTP- Data Transfer Process- General computing

DTP- Design Technology Program- in Technology

Similar full forms

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