What is the full form of DCIM ?

DCIM: Data centre information management, Digital camera images

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Here we are going to discuss two full forms of DCIM. One DCIM full form is related to the computer data centre and another full form of DCIM is related to images on computer or mobile.

DCIM full form
DCIM full form

 DCIM full form in computer

The full form of DCIM is the Data centre information management. The data centre information management is the integration of the information technology and facility management disciplines.

The data centre information management is important to centralize management, controlling, analysing and capacity planning of a data centre’s systems.

The Data centre information management enables real-time and common monitoring, management platforms for interdependent systems that are managed and set up all around IT and facility infrastructures.

About DCIM

The data centre information management product help managers of data centres to identify sources of risk so they can improve the availability of important information technology systems.

This DCIM is also used to find interdependencies between Information technology infrastructure and the facility so it can alert the facility manager to provide dynamic benchmarks on power consumption and efficiency to measure the effectiveness of “Green IT” programs.

These data centre information management providers are rapidly linking with computational fluid dynamics providers so they can predict complex airflow patterns in the data centres.

DCIM full form in storage

Another famous full form of DCIM is Digital camera images which is a storage folder or form of memory where any phone or computer stores all the images and videos taken from the inbuilt camera of the phone. The phone camera automatically creates a folder in the SD card named DCIM and uses this DCIM folder to store photos and videos that are captured through that camera.

DCIM full form in storage
DCIM full form in storage

The layout of the DCIM folder came from DCF which is a standard made back in 2003. The DCF layout is important as it provides a standard layout for DCIM.


What is the DCIM file on android?

DCIM or digital camera images is a standard folder in smartphones, computers and digital cameras.

This folder is stored in the microSD card of the android device and stores all the photos and video media that are taken through the camera of your android phone.

All the files that are browsed in the android gallery app are automatically stored in the DCIM folder.

Can I delete the DCIM folder?

Yes, you can delete the DCIM folder in your storage along with thumbnail files in your phone with the help of the file explorer folder of your phone.

Where is DCIM on my computer?

The DCIM or digital camera images folder can be stored with a different name on the computer. Usually, this DCIM folder is located in the new drive storage of the computer.

What is the purpose of DCIM?

The main purpose of digital camera images or DCIM folders is to store all the captured images and recorded videos with the inbuilt camera of the phone automatically in the SD storage.

What happens if I delete the DCIM folder?

If the DCIM or digital camera images folder is deleted then all the images and videos stored in it will also be deleted.

Is DCIM the SD card?

SD card or memory card is a hardware storage unit on the other hand DCIM is an automatically created folder in the storage.

Why is the DCIM folder empty?

Sometimes your digital camera images folder can be empty when the user put a command to hide all the folders and files however if there are no images and videos to show in the folder it will be empty.

How do I create a DCIM folder?

Usually, the DCIM or digital camera image folder is created automatically to store all the photos and video files captured from the inbuilt camera immediately. However, the user can create a new folder like the normal process and rename it as DCIM.

Some other famous full forms of DCIM

DCIM- Digital Camera Image Management- in networking

DCIM- Digital Camera Internal Memory- in digital camera

Similar full forms

SD full form

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