What is the full form of TDS ?

TDS Full Form: Tax Deducted at Source, Total Dissolved Solids

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TDS has two famous full forms. One is related to one of the direct taxes and another is related to water.

Here are their full forms –

  1. TDS- Tax Deducted at Source
  2. TDS- Total Dissolved Solids

Now let’s get Basic details about these two famous full forms of TDS.

TDS full form- Tax Deducted at Source

TDS refers to Tax deducted at the source which is a direct tax.

TDS was introduced in the taxation system to collect income tax by the government.

In this way, it provides convenience to the deductee as it is deducted automatically.

So in simple terms, this is a tax which an employer or service buyer pays to the government but collects from the employee.

tds full form
tds full form

How to calculate TDS?

Like all other taxes, TDS is also a complicated process when it comes to calculating. However, understanding it once it is not overwhelming.

TDS is collected from the supplier (whether goods or services) at the time of payment.

That is why there should be An employee and employer relationship.

TDS can be deducted only if the total income is taxable.

TDS rate which is same as the income tax slab.

This is how an employer calculates TDS on an employee’s salary.

Average Income tax rate = Income tax payable (calculated by slab rates)/ employee’s projected income that financial year.


Advantages of TDS

TDS is a way for the government to collect tax as revenue. The government uses this income to spend on its public.

TDS plays a chief role in the government’s revenue and helps taxpayers to be saved from tax frauds.

Here are some benefits TDS system comes with –

  • The government can prevent tax-evading because everything is being available in data.
  • It has a range of tax collection at its base
  • Tax is deducted at source so middle ways are avoided
  • Deductee doesn’t need to panic because the TDS is automatically deducted
  • The government gets a clear source of income and revenue through TDS

Disadvantage of TDS

TDS is a tax so this will good for the taxpayers and government both.

Still here are a few cons TDS brings –

  • It can be an inconvenience for high salary employers
  • The employer can evade the tax so the burden transfers on the employee
  • It discourages the taxpayer to save and invest
  • TDS rate can be hard to understand for a common man

Now let’s know the other full form of TDS

TDS- Total Dissolved Solids

TDS in water

TDS is defined as total dissolved solids which refers to any metal, salt, cations or minerals in the water.

in simple words, TDS is the amount of mobile charged ions dissolved in water.

It is measured in units of mg per unit volume of water or in PPM (parts per million).

To ensure the availability of Drinking water with correct TDS, most of the households uses RO water purifier today.

TDS full form in water
TDS full form in water

TDS effect on human

Is TDS harmful to consume? Well, a fair amount of TDS in water is not harmful.

In fact, a TDS test of water is an indicator of aesthetics. Improved level of TDS is not bad for human health however an increasing amount of some ions such as Nitrate, Copper and Lead can be harmful to the health.

There are different levels of TDS amount in water that is good for consumption so a high level of TDS is injurious.

High amounts can cause various diseases such as Nausea, Rashes, Vomiting, Dizziness, Lung irritation etc.

so one should not drink Excess TDS water for a longer period because it makes body pronto chronic health conditions as liver, kidney diseases etc.

how to test TDS of water at home?

Today, with modern machines, very easily anyone at home can check the TDS level of water coming to his home on his own.

There are many good TDS testing machines available from ₹ 300 to ₹ 500 so that water quality can be checked at home.

You can also buy this TDS level checking machine online. Like from amazon and Flipkart

The process of testing TDS is also very easy, just you have to remove the cap of this machine and pour the water you want to test in that cap, then the machine’s tip end is to be put in that cap water. it Will tell you the correct TDS reading of your water.

Digital LCD TDS Meter

How to get drinking water with the right TDS?

If you want to get drinking water with the right TDS, then the best way is to buy RO water purifier, although the price of RO water purifier is still very high today and it is available between 5000 to ₹ 15000.

Today hundreds of brand water purifiers are available in the market, and you can save some money if you buy water purifiers online.

Is 30 TDS water safe to drink?

As BSI suggests an ideal amount of TDS to consume is below 300mg/L and an excessive amount of 600mg/L is injurious.

That’s how 30 TDS amount in water is considered as medium quality.

Check below chart –

Good – 300-600

Fair – 600-900

Poor – 900-1200

Harmful – 1200<

Is low TDS water harmful?

No, low TDS water is not harmful to health.

In other words, any low TDS water went through a natural or treatment process is good for the human body and health.


some other full forms of TDS-

TDS- Technical Data Sheet – in Business

TDS- Trojan Defence Suit- in Cybersecurity

TDS- Total Dept Service- in Business and financing


Similar full forms

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RO full form

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