What is the full form of ATM ?

ATM Full Form: Automated teller machine, Air traffic management

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ATM means an automated teller machine and the other famous full form used for ATM is Air Traffic Management.

these two full forms of ATM are very famous. other than these two, some more famous full forms of ATM acronym we will see in the last paragraph of this article.

so in this article, we will get detailed information about the full form of ATM-

ATM full form in terms of finance and Computer-

Atm full form is an Automated teller machine, in terms of Finance and computer.

We use ATMs to withdraw money from bank accounts and to do other financial activities.

An ATM is a machine that automatically gives you the money on your demand using the computer and mechatronics technology.

If you say, an ATM is a computer which is a live example of what a computer can do.

As we believe that a computer is the one that can do a task correctly every time with the right accuracy without human help
ATM does it all.

ATM full form
ATM full form

When you go to withdraw money from an ATM, there is no person to help you.
You insert your card into the ATM machine, and the machine asks you your PIN after reading your card.
After stating the PIN, you tell your favorite amount, which you want to withdraw.

After your confirmation, ATM gives you whatever amount you like.

No human being has any role anywhere in the whole process of withdrawing this money from the Automated Teller Machine(ATM).

Using the ATM card and ATM machine, you can withdraw cash from all types of accounts like savings accounts, current accounts, and credit.

How important is ATM for us today?

an ATM has become a part of our life today

In today’s digital age, we do most of our banking either online or through ATMs.

You can use the ATM to withdraw money and to deposit money.

Different type of ATM is used to withdraw money while,

Different type of ATM, called cash deposit machines, is used to deposit the same money.

Today, due to ATM, we save a lot of time and money.

Today, using ATMs, we can withdraw money 24 hours a day, we can transfer money, deposit money,  do bill payment, and much more at our convenience in a very short time.

what kind of transactions we can do at ATM?

Generally, people understand that ATM is a machine that we can use to withdraw money from a bank account.

But you will be surprised to know that ATM is a multi-purpose machine, which can be used to withdraw money as well as avail

various other types of banking services.

some important banking services are given below-

Cash withdrawal using ATM- 

In today’s digital age you do not need to go to the bank to withdraw money.

no matter in which bank your account is, you can withdraw money from any ATM at any time according to your needs.

Due to receiving money from ATMs, bank employees also have to handle fewer people.

because today the number of people withdraw money from ATM every day,

If they all go to the bank, then it will be very difficult for the bank employees to give them cash.

Balance Enquiry at ATM-

There is no need to go to the bank to know how much money you have in your account.

You can check your account balance and statement at any ATM

You do not have to go to the bank and spend hours in line to update your passbook.

Money transfer using ATM-

Yes, you read it right, you can transfer money from one account to another using ATM.

Many banks allow you to transfer money from account to account using your ATM card,

the same few banks give you the facility to transfer card to card money.

Using this service you can transfer money to any bank account in India.

But here you have to keep in mind one thing, that both the account of payee and receiver should be in the same bank.

for example- you can transfer funds from your account to your friend ICICI Bank account using your ICICI bank ATM card.

Bill Payment Using ATM-

You can make different types of bill payments like credit card bill payment, electricity bill payment, mobile bill payment, etc. using ATM card and machine.

Cash deposit using ATM- 

Today new types of ATM machines have come where you can withdraw money as well as deposit money.

This facility is proving very useful for the people because 24 hours anytime you can deposit cash in your bank account or

someone else’s account using this facility.


services available at ATM
services available at ATM

Pin Change at ATM-

Today you do not need to go to the bank to change the PIN of your ATM card.

You can generate and change the PIN of your ATM card through both ATM machines.

You have to have your registered mobile with you in order to use this service.

because when you change your PIN, an OTP is sent to your mobile from your bank, which is required to be entered in the ATM machine.

Basic parts of ATM 

the intelligent working of an ATM is done using several components of that machine. we can categorize the basic parts of an ATM in two parts-

Input devices of an ATM-

Input devices are those we use to input the data to the ATM.

Card reader-

The card reader of an ATM machine is an input device into which you insert your card, and it advances your transaction by

reading the information available on your card.

Today, two types of card readers are used in ATM, magnetic card reader and chip card reader.

The magnetic strip is made on the back of your card, the same new cards have a chip that is in the front of the card.

The job of a card reader is to read the information available on your card and send it to Server so that Server can do your further banking transactions.


When you need to give any input during your ATM transaction, you through the keypad available on the ATM machine.

During an ATM transaction, the computer asks you for different types of input such as your PIN, your Desire Amount,  which

you enter through the keypad to the machine.

output devices of an ATM-

The output device of an ATM is one through which the machine gives us the necessary information and cash.

following are the output devices of an ATM-

Display Screen- 

On the display screen of the ATM, we are shown all the information about our transaction.

The display screen of the ATM is either LED or LCD.

It can be of two types touch screen type or normal display screen


There is also a speaker in every ATM machine which helps us by giving us instruction during any ATM transaction.

The speaker installed in the ATM helps all the people to transact, but for those who cannot see, it plays a huge role by helping them.

Cash dispenser-

The cash dispenser part of the ATM helps the ATM to issue cash.

Every time you want to withdraw an amount from the ATM, this dispenser makes the correct calculation and gives you the right amount in your hand.

Receipt Printer-

The job of a receipt printer is to give you a transaction receipt after any transaction

When you do any kind of transaction from ATM such as cash withdrawal or mini statement, then its receipt is printed and gives you by the receipt printer.

Working of ATM-

An ATM has been built by combining a lot of mechanical, electronics and computer devices, which has to do a lot of complex

banking transactions without making mistakes.

Whenever you need to withdraw money, you visit any ATM near you.

you put your card in the card reader of that ATM.

The card reader reads your card and sends your information to the bank server, then according to the bank’s instructions, the

ATM completes your acquired transaction.

For example, if you have to withdraw money from the ATM, after checking whether your account has the required balance, the

ATM gives you your Desire Amount (if you have the necessary balance in your account)

At the same time, if you have gone for the balance inquiry, the ATM checks your bank balance and tells you your account

balance, you can also print the receipts if you want.

Benefits of a Chip ATM card over the magnetic strip ATM card

Initially, when the ATM card was created, all the information was stored inside the magnetic strip on it.

But the problem with that magnetic strip was that anyone could copy it

Due to which many bank frauds started.

To avoid this, Banks developed a new way to store information on the card.

This method was to store the user’s information in it by putting a chip on the card

Chip ATM Card
Chip ATM Card


The chip on the ATM card works in such a way that it can only be read, not copied under any circumstances.

Today a lot of fraud involving cards has been reduced with the help of this chip mounted card.

If you are also using an ATM card with a magnetic strip, then immediately talk to your bank and replace it with a chip card.


Who invented the ATM Machine and in what year?

The Scottish inventor John Stephen Barrett on June 27, 1967, invented Automatic Teller Machine(ATM) at a branch of Barclays bank in Enfield.

Total no. of ATMs in India-

as of March 31, 2019, the total no. of ATMs in India was 221703.

out of the total ATMs in India the most number of ATMs by State bank of India.

can i withdraw money from an ATM without an ATM card?


today it has become possible with technological advancement that you can withdraw money from the ATM machine even

without taking your ATM card.

Today many banks in India like State Bank of India, IndusInd Bank, Axis Bank, etc. are providing this facility

The cash withdrawal process is done with the help of a bank app on your registered mobile and smartphone.


The other famous full form of ATM is Air Traffic Management.

ATM full form in terms of Travel

Air traffic management means the entire air traffic system an aircraft uses to fly from the airport, complete its journey, and then

land back at another airport.

Ensuring the movement of aircraft safely and correctly at any airport is a very complex process.

That is why there is air traffic management at every airport, under which all the work of airport traffic is done.

AAI in India means the Airport Authority of India, the main authority body of airports under which air traffic management of all airports works.


some other useful full forms of ATM-

ATM- Asynchronous Transfer Mode in terms of telecom

ATM- at the moment, a term used by many, while chatting

ATM- any time money (for fun)

ATM- Anti-Tactical Missile (in defense)

ATM- Area Training Manager (in terms of job profile)


So, friends, I hope that this article of ATM full form will help you to understand ATM completely if you have any suggestion or question, please tell me by commenting.

if you wish to read this article ATM full form in Hindi, you can visit, the Hindi version of this website.

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