What is the full form of CC ?

CC Full Form: Cubic Centimeter, Carbon Copy, Credit card, Country code

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CC is a famous Acronym having many full forms, out of that 4 full forms are very famous.

these four full forms or meanings of CC are Cubic centimetre, Carbon copy, Credit card, Country code.

we will discuss all these full forms in detail, one by one.

CC- Cubic Centimeter

CC or Cubic centimetres are used to indicate the capacity or volume of an engine in the automobile sector.

We display the power or volume of the engine of any vehicle which is powered by petrol, diesel or gas with cubic centimetres or cc.

As we know, power is required to operate any vehicle, and that power comes from the engine

When the fuel and air mixer are ignited inside the engine cylinder, it generates power

The larger the size of the cylinder, the more fuel it will burn, and the more power it will be able to give.

There is a piston inside the cylinder of each engine, which produces power by the pressure of the burnt fuel.

This piston rotates from the bottom part of the cylinder to the upper part.

The space available from the bottom to the top to rotate the piston is called the capacity of that engine.


CC full form
CC full form


The space inside this cylinder is represented in litres, as in the case of an engine cylinder, we often say whether it has a 1-litre cylinder or a 1.5-litre cylinder.

So if the cylinder of an engine is big, meaning fuel burning capacity is high, then it will be able to produce more power.

So we can say that the more CC engine, the more fuel-burning capacity it will have, and the more power it will produce.

The cubic capacity of any engine is expressed in cubic centimetres.

With some examples, we try to understand the CC- cubic capacity better.

Pulsar 150CC bike- it means, this bike engine capacity is 150 cubic centimetre

Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire- 4 cylinder- 2 litre- 1200 cc-  it means, it has 4 cylinders and together its size is 2 litre, and capacity is 1200cc

cc- Cubic Capacity
CC- Cubic Capacity

More CC- means more power?

An important question here is whether the larger the engine means the larger the cylinder of the engine, the more cubic capacity, the more power.

This was true in the old-fashioned engine, but today it is not completely correct, it is not necessary that the engine of more cubic capacity will give you more power.

We can understand this better with two bike example-

  1. Pulsar 220 CC  power output is 21 bhp
  2. Bullet 350 CC power output is 19.8 bhp


CC- Carbon Copy

In the olden days when the Xerox machine was not so available, and if more than one copy was required while writing a letter or note, a carbon paper was used.

For this, the second page was applied by putting carbon under the main paper, which was written on the first page, it was also recorded on the second sheet.

In this way, you could write as many copies as you want at once.

But today CC or carbon copy is the most used in sending email ie Internet mail.

When the Internet started to be used, the trend of e-mail also increased.

When we are sending an email to someone, if we want to send the same mail to other people with it, and also want to show that how many people have been sent this mail, then we use CC or carbon copy.

In large organizations and companies where a mail needs to be sent to a lot of people or a particular team, CC proves to be very useful.

CC full form carbon copy
CC full form carbon copy

There is another term used in sending mail with CC, which is called BCC.

Which means Blank carbon copy

If a mail is to be sent to a person whom other people should not know, then put the email id of that person in the BCC



CC- Credit card

Another famous full form of CC is a credit card.

A credit card is a type of loan, which is given to you physically in the form of a card.

Which you can use to pay for shopping and services.

You have to pay back the amount spent on a credit card on a fixed date every month.

Almost all government and private banks provide credit cards, such as-

ICICI Bank Credit Card, Sbi Card, Hdfc Credit card



CC- Country Code

CC has another full form is country code.
All the countries in the world, a country code has been created for every country, so that people can talk to each other all over the world without any confusion.

for example, the country code of India is – 91 and for the USA is 1

If you want to talk to a number in a country, then you have to put the country code of that country before that number.

Some other famous full forms of CC

CC- Community Center (in Youtube and other places)

CC- Cricket Club (in Cricket game)

CC- Carrying Capacity (in Transportation)

CC- Central control (In Military)


Similar full forms-

CC- Career connections

Email full form

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