What is the full form of FCI ?

FCI Full Form: Food corporation of India

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FCI full form or meaning is Food Corporation of India.

The Food Corporation of India, run by the Government of India, was established by the Government of India on 1 January 1965 under the Food Corporation Act.

FCI was started with a capital of about 100 crores and even today it is fully owned by the Government of India.

FCI has its headquarter in New Delhi and has regional offices in almost every state capital, and even FCI has opened its centre in many important districts.

The main function of FCI is to ensure timely storage and smooth distribution by purchasing crops on time.

fci full form
FCI full form

Due to a large amount of grain purchase by FCI, farmers get the minimum support price for MSP.

FCI purchases the most wheat and paddy every year.

Today, the price of most grains in the country remains almost the same throughout the year, due to, many important steps are being taken by FCI.

For example, when the wheat crop is ready, FCI calculates how much wheat is needed for the entire country in a year, according to which the Food Corporation of India prepares its stock, and suggests import or export to the government.

Preparing buffer stocks of food items, intervening in the market for price stability is also the major function of FCI.

FCI objectives

The availability of food grains across India remains equal, it depends on several important steps taken by FCI. The main objectives of FCI are:-

  • market intervention for price stabilisation
  • movement of food grains throughout the country for public distribution system
  • maintaining a satisfactory level of operational and buffer stock of food grains to ensure national food security
  • effective price support operations for safeguarding the interest of farmers
fci work
fci work

FCI Jobs

The total number of employees employed in FCI is more than 21000, and every year there is a vacancy for many important posts of FCI, for which youth can apply and get jobs.

Some important posts for which FCI had a recent opening-

  • Junior Engineer
  • Engineer
  • Assistant Grade 2
  • Computer Operator

Interesting facts about FCI

  • Today FCI has a capacity to store more than 800000 metric tons of all cereals.
  • FCI has a huge contribution in making food security successful, a very ambitious scheme for the poor people by the Government of India.

Some other famous full forms of FCI

FCI-  Flight Control Integration- in Airforce

FCI- Feed Certification Institute- in Agricultural education


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