What is the full form of APMC ?

APMC Full Form: Agricultural Produce Market Committee

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The full form or Meaning of APMC is Agricultural Produce Market Committees, which is an Indian Marketing board to remove the exploitation incidences of the farmers by involved intermediary communities, middlemen, etc.

These middlemen or intermediaries force farmers to sell their crops and produce material at an extremely low price than the market standard or than the price that farmers actually deserve which is unfair to the farmers.

The Agricultural produce market committees were formed by the state governments.

APMC are special markets for farmers to sell them produces at reasonable prices under some rules, the rule is called MSP.

These APMC markets ensure to bring all the produced food into the market so that their sale can be made through auction fairly.

In APMC, the government ensures through various laws that the farmer’s crop is not sold below the MSP.
The farmer’s crop is bid in the market, which can be any bid above the minimum support price.

The marketplace for the agricultural produce market committees is called Mandi.

These Mandies or Marketplaces for APMC are set in different places of a particular state so these markets also divide the state geographically.

Here in these Mandies traders buy produces from the farmers only if they have a license for it.

on the other hand, the retail owners, wholesale traders, or mall owners are prohibited to buy products from farmers directly in these marketplaces of APMC.


About  APMC

APMC or agricultural market committees are operated under the state government because the agricultural marketing section comes under the state subject of the Indian constitution.

APMC operates the marketplaces or Mandies in the market areas where the notified agricultural production and livestock is regulated.

The main reason behind starting APMC was to stop the distressed sale by poor farmers under pressure by the intermediaries.

The agricultural produce market committee is mainly responsible to regulate agricultural trading practices.

The agricultural produce market committee set rules and fair prices and timeline payments for the farmers to sell theirs produces.

 APMC Full-Form FAQs

What are the results of APMC?

APMC regulates the agricultural trading rules that have resulted in these benefits –

APMC improved the market efficiency by decreasing market charges

APMC has eliminated the worthless intermediaries

APMC ensured that the seller and producer interest will be protected fairly

What is APMC and how it works?

The agricultural produce market committees are the marketing boards by the state governments. This APMC regulates markets for farmers and traders to follow fair practices to sell and purchase farm produces.

Who started APMC in India?

The government of India started the APMC model in India. The government of India created the agricultural produce market committee act in 2003 to bring reformations in the agricultural markets of India. These were the main provisions under the APMC act –

  • Creation of Newmarket channels other than APMC markets
  • Formation of wholesale markets

What is the role of APMC?

The main role of APMC was that it mandated the purchase and sale of agricultural produce to bring it to the designated market area.

APMC ensures that producers and traders must pay the requisite market fee, levies, agents’ commissions, and user charges.

Why APMC is bad?

APMC is considered bad for poorly managing market infrastructure. Due to APMC, the farmers had no choice but to seek the help of middlemen.

The market infrastructure was poor so the farmers had to sell more of their crops outside of these APMC markets or Mandies.

The result of these practices is a heavy burden on the centre and the increased logistics cost for domestic production as well as reduces trade competitiveness.

Who runs APMC?

The APMC is run by the state government of each state of India since the agricultural markets come under the state subject.

How many APMC are there in India?

There are about 2477 agricultural market produce committee markets in India.

These markets under the APMC act are based on geography.

Apart from the marketplaces under APMC, there are about 4843 sub-market yards also that are operated by their respective agricultural market produce committee in India.

What is the APMC market fee?

The present market fee for the agricultural market produce committee marketplaces is .35% however traders still want it to be reduced to .20%.

Some other famous full forms of APMC

APMC: Atomically Precise Manufacturing Consortium

APMC: Agriculture Produce Market Committee

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