What is the full form of SP ?

SP Full Form: Superintendent of Police

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The full form of SP is Superintendent of Police who is an officer in the police force.

The Superintendent of Police is a police officer that holds the designation to be the head of the police force of a non-metropolitan district in India. The superintendent of police is the police officer of either the state police services or the central police service of India.

The superintendent of the police is the police officer who responded to maintain the law and order in the district and to prevent terrorist or criminal activities.

SP full form
SP full form

The superintendent of police manages duties of all police employees from constable to an assistant superintendent of police etc. there are three other designations that use the word “Superintendent” in the Indian police force such as – The Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP). Superintendent of Police (SP) and the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

About SP in police

A senior SP in the highly populated district, metropolitan or Naxal affected districts of Indian states and the SP in smaller districts heads the police force of a district in India.

Super indent of police in districts is usually the head of a large rural or urban area in that district In case of a Senior SP who works as the head of police force. However, the superintend of police is the head of a larger rural or urban area in a smaller district.

The deputy commissioner of police holds the rank of a superintendent in Metropolitan cities that have a police commissioner-ate system.

These SP officers are the officers of either State Police service or Indian police. IPS officers of SP rank wear their IPS logo below the Star or Ashoka emblem.

However, state police service officers of SP rank wear the state police logo below the star or Ashoka emblem.

SP offices in India serves as the assisting officers to the Additional/Special Director General of Police (ADGP) in different bureaus.

The above rank officer of SP is Senior Superintendent and the rank below of the superintendent of Police are deputy superintendent or assistant superintendent of Police (ASP).

To become SP, one has to get an IPS post under UPSC, which falls below the most reputed IAS in the country.

SP requirements

These are the main requirements to become the SP in India –

  1. The candidate for SP requires to have a bachelor’s degree from a recognised university.
  2. The candidate has to choose from three options to become SP once they have a bachelor’s degree –
  3. UPSC CSAT (civil services aptitude test).
  4. State public service commission examination.
  5. Candidate can start working as a sub-inspector in their state police department.

SP functions

The duties of a superintendent of police vary with the nature of work. These are the main functions and duties of SP –

  • SP maintains and improves the police and public relations.
  • SP maintains good connections with the magistracy and other officials in the field.
  • SP is responsible to maintain discipline in the police force and team as well as keeping it under control, efficient and well trained.
  • SP ensures that the police force under his command is working efficiently in the prevention, investigations and detection of crime.
  • SP ensures the honesty and integrity of junior police officers.
  • SP posts a subordinate the police officer from one police station to another as he holds the power.
  • SP pays a visit to police stations randomly to check the alertness and attendance of the staff in the police station.
  • In cases such as murder, riot, robbery and highway etc. superintend of the police is responsible to visit the crime spot and supervise investigations.

Interesting facts about SP

  • The authorised cadre strength of the IPS in India is 4920. (3270 Direct Recruitment Posts & 1650 Promotional)


Who is the higher SP or DSP?

Superintendent of police or SP is higher police officer rank than the DSP or deputy superintend of police.

What is the full form of SHO and SP?

SP stands for the superintendent of police while the SHO stands for the Station House Officer.

SHO I the head or in-charge officer of a police station of a locality. SHO is responsible to maintain the law and order in his area of service and supervises the duties of the police station.

SHO officer ranks below the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and ranks above the sub-inspector (SI).

SP full form in Politics

SP full form- Samajwadi Party

Another popular full form of SP is Samajwadi Party as a political party.

Samajwadi Party is a major political party of Uttar Pradesh which was founded by Mulayam Singh Yadav in 1992, since then the candidates of this party have been Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh 3 times.

After Mulayam Singh Yadav, his son Akhilesh Yadav is the president of this party and now under his leadership, this party is doing its work.

Some other famous full forms of SP

SP- Service Pack- in Computing

SP- Single processor- in computers

SP- Starting Point- in business to define rates


Similar full forms

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