What is the full form of RDO ?

RDO Full Form: Revenue division officer, rural development organization, remote data objects

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RDO is a very famous acronym, having many famous full forms, Here we are going to discuss some important full forms of RDO.

Full form of RDO in employment

The full form of RDO is Revenue division officer. The revenue divisions are the divisional administrations in every district of some states of India.

These district-level revenue divisions are sub-divided into mandalas.  In this revenue division, the RDO or revenue division officer works as the head of the division.


What is RDO?

RDO means Revenue division officer who is the head of the revenue division administration which is located in every division of some of the Indian states. The revenue division officer act for certain revenue matters.

What is the qualification for RDO?

This is the qualification requirement for the post of revenue division officer –

  • The aspirant for RDO need to 10th, 12th pass or graduated and then do law for three years.
  • After this candidate has to apply for State civil service exam.
  • Selected candidates will complete their training and will then be posted as Revenue division officers.
RDO full form
RDO full form


RDO full form in the organization

RDO stands for the rural development organization. Rural development organization is used on associations and organizations, regional organizations in India.

On the other hand, AARDO stands for the African-Asian rural development organization. It is a non-political body that enjoys the status of the observer with different United Nation and other international organizations which was established in 1962.

The most prime aim of this organization is to improve the quality of life and restructure the societies of rural areas as well as to reconstruct the rural people’s economy.

RDO full form in programming

In programming RDO full form is remote data objects which is an application program interface also known as API. The remote data objects have changed into ActiveX data objects or ADO that is currently the program interface Microsoft recommends for any new program.

The ActiveX data objects provide direct access to non-relational databases. This ActiveX data object is rather simpler and easier to use.

Remote data objects which is an API from Microsoft lets programmers write Windows applications. It also gets access to and from Microsoft and other database providers. Microsoft’s lower layer data access objects are used in the RDO statements in the program to access the actual database.


RDO full form in technology

Another full form of RDO is Rate distortion optimization which is a term in lossy compression. It appears more complicated and advanced than it actually works.

The rate-distortion efficiency of any video compression scheme is nearly based on a refined interaction between different motion representations possibilities, waveform coding of differences as well as waveform coding of different refreshed regions.

In high compression video coding, the main problem is the operational control of the encoder and this problem is compounded through widely varying content as well as motion that is founded in typical kinds of video sequences, requiring the selection between various representation possibilities along with the varying rate-distortion efficiency.

RDO full form in file format

RDO full form is a raster document object also which is a file format. Raster document object is the native format that is used by Xerox’s DocuTech range of software and hardware. This underpins the company’s Xerox document on Demand which is known as XDOD systems.

Hence this raster documents object is an important file format for the print on demand sector along with PDF and PostScript.

The RDO of freeflow document is like an electronic document that is made of images.

Raster document objects can hold different and many kinds of images with different file formats such as TIFF, JPEG as well as PDF files.  In this file format, these images can be white and black, grayscale or colour etc.

Some other famous full forms of RDO

RDO- Red Dot Optics- in Academics

RDO- Radiological Defense Officer

Similar full forms

DRDO full form

TCS full form

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