What is the full form of PWD ?

PWD Full Form: Public Works Department

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The full form of PWD is the Public Works Department which is a Public Work agency of the Different state Government and the Indian government.

Public Works Department is an Indian government body that is responsible to build and maintain public services like public government construction, bridges, highways, public transportations, drinking water sources and many others like these.

The public works department works as the centralized body that takes care of all sorts of public service activities in India.

Every state that has divisions, geographically distributed units and subdivisions have a different public works department.

These public works departments follow the same obligations in every country.

So public works department is the Indian government department that deals with the construction and management of public infrastructures such as government building, water systems, roads, bridges etc.

PWD is responsible for all types of public sector works in India as a central authority.

Apart from this PWD is also responsible to arrange safe drinking water for their cities and repair the damaged water pipes as well as the repair of any damage to government schools, hospitals, roads etc.

The work and projects of the Indian government like safety, facilities on roads and highways, maintenance and restructuring of government buildings are handled by PWD that were formerly conducted by the military of India. In the 19th century, the responsibility for public works was transferred to the special section of the Indian Civil Service.

All states have their own public works department, along with the central government also has a public works department, also known as CPWD.

for example-

Public works Department (PWD)- New Delhi

Public Works Department Bihar- Patna

PWD responsibilities

There are many responsibilities of the public works department or PWD such as –

  • PWD is responsible to do construction if any damage happens to any government infrastructure such as schools, highways, hospitals etc.
  • The Public works department is responsible to provide clean drinking water for their town and fixing the broken water pipeline.
  • Public works development normally carries the same duties in all the states like designing and building of all the government public projects, security of roads and highways, building and development of highways, maintaining and upgrading government buildings etc.

PWD work categories

The work and responsibilities of the Public works department is mainly divided into four categories such as –

  • Construction and maintenance of any Government building
  • Construction, Development, the safety of roads, highways and flyovers etc.
  • Construction and maintenance of Bridge etc.
  • Drinking-Water System.


How can I get PWD in India?

These are the eligibility criteria for the candidate of PWD –

  • The PWD candidate must be Indian.
  • The age of PWD aspirant needs to e between 18 years to 45 years.
  • The minimum education qualification for PWD candidate is secondary education from any recognized board.
  • PWD candidates get relaxation in the upper age limit in the case of reserved categories.

What is the expansion of PWD?

The PWD or public works department is a government department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of public infrastructure such as public government building, public transport, roads and drinking water systems etc.

What is the role of PWD?

The public works department plays an important role in government public projects. The public works department provides consultancy services in the process of planning, designing and civil engineering construction projects.

The public works department is responsible for the construction of the Embassy and other building projects abroad at the request of the Ministry of External Affairs as well as other government Ministries.

What is the full form of PWD in candidate categories?

The full form of PWD in categories is Person with disability and Person without disability. According to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 candidates with at least 40 per cent of a specified disability from both specified disability and not specified disability are under categories under the PWD category.

However, the specified disability has not been defined in the measurable.

What is the meaning of a PWD candidate?

PWD in candidates means Persons with disabilities or People with disabilities that have 40 per cent and above the degree of disability.

These candidates get 3 per cent reservations in each of the categories such as General SC, ST and OBC etc.

apart from this these candidates from the PWD category get a relaxation of 5 per cent marks in aggregate marks and will be admissible.

What does PWD mean in text?

PWD in-text stands for the Password.

Some other famous full forms of PWD

PWD- Path of Working Directory- in computing and Networking

PWD- Password in the Digital world

Similar full forms

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