What is the full form of POLICE ?

POLICE Full Form: Public Officer for legal investigations and criminal emergencies

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The word POLICE don’t define a particular full form but mainly it stands for Public Officer for legal investigations and criminal emergencies or the Polite Obedient loyal intelligent courageous efficient.

Some other possible full forms of POLICE are as follow –

  • Protection of life and investigating criminals’ establishment
  • Protection of law in case of emergency
  • Persons of law integrity controlling everyone
  • Protection of life in the civil establishment
Police full form
Police full form


 According to the POLICE full form, Public officer for legal investigations and criminal emergencies are uninformed individuals that are solely responsible to keep law and order in the society or nation.

POLICE are a group of personnel that are on duty to enforce regulations and laws so that any kind of civil disorder can be prevented to save lives and punish the responsible criminals.

In every country like India, there is a police station where the station house officer is kept in charge so the POLICE officers are on Government job because mainly the government of that particular area is highly responsible to keep law and order in the area as well as to catch and punish the criminal.

Prime police officers in a police station are Assistant sub-inspector, sub-inspector and constables.

POLICE organizations

Mainly this the structured police types or organizations –

  • Uniformed police that wears POLICE uniform and protects law and order in the area.
  • Detectives are mainly responsible for investigations and detective work.
  • Volunteers and auxiliary police are part-time volunteer officers in the police.
  • Specialized units are formed to deal with particular types of crime like traffic law enforcement, crash investigation, K9 etc.
  • Military police is a section of the military responsible for armed force policing.

Interesting facts about Indian Police

  • There are 16671 police stations in India.
  • In terms of staffing, use of budget and Infrastructure, Delhi Police is the best in India.
  • The Indian government publishes a ranking of the 10 best police stations in the country every year, according to the 2020 ranking, Nongpok Sekmai (Thoubal, Manipur) is the best police station in the country.
  • Police job is a very difficult job, in which you may have to do duty day and night.
  • Police job is also a very responsible job.

FAQ Police

 Why Indian Police wear Khaki?

POLICE In every country is established for the law system and it has some regulations to follow as well. In this case uniform of police is a major identity of POLICE officers. Every country police have their own colour of the uniform.

In this Way, the Indian Police have to wear a Khaki uniform. Formerly when India was under British rule the British police used to wear white uniforms.

However white colour uniform used to get dirty easily in long duties so the police personnel used different methods to hide this dirt.

Once they used water of tea leaves and cotton fabric colour as a dye for uniforms which made it khaki colour where Khaki colour in Hindi means the colour of the mattress.

This Khaki colour didn’t make the police uniform look dirty. So Sir Harry Lumsden officially accepted the Khaki colour uniform for Police. Hence over time, Indian Police adopted this Khaki colour police uniform.

What qualification do you need for Police Officer?

To become a police officer one need to have graduate or at least their high school diploma.

The candidates have to go through a recruitment examination and then a medical and physical test to become police officer.

The lowest age limit to become a police officer is 18 years old and the upper age limit can vary from 25 to 27 years.

Education qualifications to become police constable is 12th passed while the education qualification to become SP or ASP is a bachelor’s degree.

Do you get paid for police training?

Police officers who receive police training get paid a lower amount while they are in the police academy. Once they become official police officers their salary turns to the official payment structure of a new police officer in the service.

Can I join the police without a degree?

There is no need for a degree to become a Police constable so you don’t need any degree to join the police. However if one wants to apply for a higher post they do need a bachelor’s degree to join the police.

 Is it easy to become a cop in POLICE?

Becoming a cop is similarly difficult the academy training and field training. In this form, the candidate has to put everything into actions and practise whatever they have learned.


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