What is the full form of IFS ?

IFS Full Form: Indian Forest Service, Indian Foreign Service

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IFS full form or meaning is Indian Forest Service, Indian Foreign Service.

IFS is a famous acronym, having two famous full forms. so in this article, we discuss the two famous and important full forms of IFS.

IFS- Indian Foreign Service

Indian Foreign Service is one of the Central Civil Services under the executive branch of the Government of India.

It is the administrative diplomatic civil service under Group A and Group B, recruited by UPSC.

Indian Foreign Service officials represent India abroad.

It is a diplomatic service which handles multiple country external affairs abroad.

The scope of an IFS officer is to manage India’s diplomacy, trade, and cultural relations well in foreign.

IFS full form
IFS full form


Currently, IFS officers of India are working on Indian Diplomatic missions in more than 162 countries of the world.

This is one of the two most reputed civil services posts, after which you cannot write the UPSC exam again. the first post is IAS.

Only the students who have topped the UPSC exam get the opportunity to join the Indian Foreign Service.


The history of the Indian Foreign Service in India is very old and was started by the East India Company in 1783.

The modern and present form of IFS was formed on 9 October 1946


  • Any Indian student who has completed graduation in any discipline can appear in the UPSC Civil Services Exam to be conducted for IFS and other 24 posts.
  • The age of the student should be at least 21 years and a maximum of 32 years, here the maximum age relaxation has been given from 3 to 5 years according to different categories.
  • A student who belongs to a general category can apply for the maximum 6 times.
    The same OBC students 9 times and no limit has been kept for SC-ST students.

Exam Pattern-

The UPSC exam conducted for IFS post has three following steps-

  1. Preliminary
  2. Mains exam
  3. interview

IFS officer Posts and promotion

  1. Third Secretary- Entry level
  2. Second Secretary
  3. First Secretary
  4. Counsellor
  5. Minister
  6. Deputy High Commissioner
  7. Ambassador

IFS officer facilities

After the training of an IFS officer, when posting takes place in another country, all these facilities are available-

  1. Nice house to stay with family.
  2. car with driver
  3. Bills- all bills, such as water, electricity, Mobile
  4. Financial support for local language learning.
  5. Financial support for local culture learning.
  6. The full cost of teaching up to 2 children of officers.


IFS officer’s salary is also equal to IAS officer, that is, an Indian Foreign Service Officer can get 50000 to ₹ 70000 months in the beginning, apart from that, depending on the currency of the country in which the officer will be posted, every he will get ₹ 200000 to 300000 for other expenses every month.

IFS officer Role and Responsibilities

Indian Foreign Service officers have to do a lot of work for India on foreign soil, some of which are-

  • Representing permanent missions to India in its embassies, consulates, high commissions and multilateral organizations such as the United Nations.
  • To promote friendly relations with NRIs and POIs.
  • Protecting the national interests of India in the country of their posting.
  • To promote friendly relations with the country where the officer is posted.
  • To provide consular facilities to foreigners and Indian citizens abroad.
  • Accurate reporting on the development and new policies in the country of posting, which is likely to influence the formulation of India’s policies.
  • Negotiating settlement on different issues with the officials of the country where the officer is posted.

Which is better ifs or IAS?

Both the IAS and the IFS are the best civil services posts, and both have an almost equal salary.

Where an IAS officer gets an opportunity to work for the people of the country within the country, the same IFS officer gets the opportunity to work for the people by staying abroad.

The salary of both the officers is almost equal, but the IFS officer gets a lot of other allowances, which makes his monthly income more than that of the IAS officer.

IFS officers represent India on international forums, due to which they get more fame and respect.



IFS- Indian Forest Service

As mentioned above, the second popular full form of IFS is the Indian Forest Service.

Indian Forest service is one of the central Administrative service, related to Forests and Wildlife.

These officers assist the Government in management of the forest area, with their expertise in forestry, wildlife, soil conservation, environment and rural development.

IFS full forms
IFS full forms


The Indian Forest Service Post was started in 1966 by the Government of India under the All India Services Act 1951.

The Eligibility and exam pattern is same for Indian Forest officer and Indian Foreign officer. (as discussed above)

Indian forest officers post and salary

Post in state governmentPost in central governmentSalary in rupees
Probationary Officer/Assistant Conservator of ForestsAssistant Inspector General of Forests56,100
Deputy Conservator of ForestAssistant Inspector General of Forests67,700-1,18,500
Conservator of ForestDeputy Inspector General of Forests1,50,000
Chief Conservator of ForestInspector General of Forests1,75,000
Additional Principal chief conservator of forestsAdditional Director General of Forests2,00,000
Principal chief conservator of forestsAdditional Director General of Forests2,05,400
Principal chief conservator of forests (Head of Forest Force)Director-General of Forests2,25,000

In Addition to this Attractive salary, forest officers also get several other benefits, such as- free Bungalow to live with family, a car with a driver and others.

some other famous full forms of IFS

IFS- International Financial Statistics- in terms of international Business

IFS- International Foundation for Science- in terms of Academics and Science

IFS- Integrated File System- in terms of computer database


Similar full forms-

IAS full form

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