What is the full form of FRA ?

FRA Full Form: Forest Rights Acts

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FRA is a famous Acronym, having many famous full forms and is widely used in day to day works.

here in this article, we are going to discuss, three most famous full forms of FRA.

FRA full form
FRA full form

FRA full form in Forest

The full form of FRA in the forest is the Forest Rights Act also called FRA, 2006 which is an act of Forest rights that recognizes the rights of the forest living tribal communities as well as other traditional forest residing to forest resources. On these forest resources, these communities were dependent in order to fulfill their various needs which include livelihood, habitation, requirements and other social-cultural requirements of these tribal communities.

These social tribal communities were totally dependent on forests and also they had traditional wisdom regarding the conservation of the forests. However there were no acts or Forest management policies, rules and forest policies of participatory forest management policies that recognized the symbiotic relationship of these communities with forests until the FRA, 2006 was introduced.

 About FRA

 The forest rights act, 2006 involves the rights of self-cultivation and habitation that are normally associated with individual rights as well as community rights, fishing and access to the water bodies in the forests, habitat rights for the PVTGs, traditional customary rights and the right to protect. Manage any community forest resource for future sustainable use etc.

The forest rights Act provides rights to the allocation of forest land for developmental purposes to accomplish basic infrastructural requirements of the tribal communities in the forests.

The Forest rights act protects the tribal population from any kind of eviction without rehabilitation and settlement. FRA protects these rights by joining with the Right to fair compensation and transparency in the land acquisition, Rehabilitation and settlement act, 2013.

The Forest rights act was started to empower the forest livings to access and use the resources of that forest in the manner that they were conventionally comfortable to protect conserve and manage forests. FRA mainly protects inhabitants from unlawful evictions as well as provides basic development facilities for the community of forest occupants to access other facilities such as education, nutrition, infrastructure, health etc.

The forest rights act commands upon the Gram Sabha and rights holders the responsibility of conservation and protection of biodiversity, forest, adjoining catchment areas, wildlife, water sources and other ecologically sensitive areas as well. FRA also has a responsibility to prevent any destructive practices that affect these forest resources or any cultural and natural heritage of the forest tribal.

Gram Sabha that comes under this act is a highly empowered body that enables the tribal population to get a decisive say in the determination of the local policies and schemes impacting them.

FRA objectives

  • These are objectives that the forest rights act aims at –
  • The forest rights act ensures land tenure and food security of the forest occupants scheduled tribes and all other traditional forest livings.
  • The forest rights act undo the historical injustices that happened to all the dwelling tribal communities.
  • The forest rights act also strengthen the conservation regime of the forest and for this, it includes the responsibilities as well as an authority on the forest right holders.
  • FRA focus on conservation for sustainable use, conservation of biodiversity and maintenance of ecological balance etc.


Who can claim rights under FRA?

People who have a Patta or a government lease however whose land has been illegally getting away by the Forest department are able to claim rights under the forest rights act. Apart from this those whose land is the subject of a dispute between the forest and revenue departments can also claim their rights under the forest rights act, 2006.

What are community forest rights?

The community forest rights is an act that recognizes the rights to use, manage and conserve forest resources, to legally hold forest land that these tribal communities have used for cultivation.

FRA full form in Business

FRA full form in Business or Banking is Forward Rate Agreement.

FRA (Forward Rate Agreement) is an over-the-counter contract between two businesses in which a rate of interest is decided upon, which is to be paid in the future.

This agreement is very beneficial for both the business owners as both can be quite sure about the business and the rate of interest

FRA full form in College

The full form of FRA is the fee regulating authority in the college or education sector.

This authority allows private colleges in Maharashtra to increase or decrease the tuition fee for professional courses, without whose permission the college cannot increase or decrease the tuition fee.

Some Other Famous Full Forms of FRA-

FRA-Future Rate Agreement

FRA-Florida Reading Association

Similar full forms

FIR full form

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