What is the full form of CBI ?

CBI Full Form: Central Beuro of Investigation, Central Bank of India

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CBI has many full forms. It is a well-known acronym. Here we are going to discuss the two most important full forms of the CBI acronym. One of these CBI full forms is related to the Investigation sector while the other full form of CBI is related to the banking sector.

CBI full form
CBI full form

CBI full form

CBI defines the Central Bureau of Investigation which as the name suggest is an Indian government organization to solve the national or international level police cases that shook the nation.

CBI is also known as the Crime Branch of India because it investigates the crime related cases and reveals the real truth folded.

The Central Bureau of Investigation is operated under the Ministry of Personnel by the Indian Government.

CBI is a crucial investigation organization that investigate the most important Corruption cases, Economic offences, white-collar crimes, murder, terrorism cases etc.

Officers in CBI

 CBI has its headquarter in New Delhi. The senior IPS officer is appointed as the head of CBI while other CBI officers include Deputy Inspector general of police, Superintendent of Police, Sub-inspector and constables working with him.

The prime minister of India becomes the chairperson of the committee and CBI works under him.

History of CBI

  • The central bureau of investigation was formerly knowns as Special Police Establishment (SPE) when it was established in 1941.
  • In 1963 Special Police Establishment was renamed as CBI by the Home Ministry of India.
  • Most cases of national interest are solved by CBI because it is known for its impeccable track record and transparent investigation.
  • D. P. Kohli was the first director of the central bureau of investigation.
  • In 1987 CBI was separated into two investigation divisions – Anti-Corruption Division and Special Crime Divisions.

CBI functions 

These are the main operations or functions of the Central Bureau of investigations –

  • CBI mainly focuses on “Industry, Integrity and Impartiality”.
  • CBI fights against economic offences such as fraud, smuggling etc. as well as cyber crimes
  • CBI investigates the public servants who acclaimed to corruption crime
  • CBI investigates and prepares the charge sheet of crimes related to national interest and kidnapping, rape, mass killing, extortion, encounters etc.
  • CBI provides full safety to whistle-blowers who help them in the investigation
  • Any transnational or national crimes are combated by CBI which acts as the main agency

CBI division boards

There are three main division boards in the central bureau of investigation in present –

  • Economic offences division
  • Special crime division
  • Anti-corruption division

Structure of CBI

  • An IPS officer equal to the rank of commissioner of the state police or director-general of police becomes the head of CBI
  • A committee is appointed to select the director of CBI
  • This committee includes the prime minister of India, chief justice of India and the leader of the opposition political party
  • The work period of the director of CBI is 2 years initially but it can be extended.

Interesting Facts about CBI

  • According to the latest figures for 2021, there are more than 700 corruption and criminal cases pending with the CBI.
  • There is no official dress of CBI, only he wears a formal dress in the office or while working.
  • The CBI has played an important role in solving many important cases of India, but in the past, the CBI has been accused of working on behalf of the ruling party.
    The CBI has been accused of registering many types of cases against opposition leaders and people agitating against the ruling party.


Who is the chief of CBI?

Subodh Kumar Jaiswal is the current chief of CBI who was appointed in 2021, for 2 years. he is a 1985 IAS officer.

What is the difference between CBI and CID?

The difference between CBI and CID is that the CBI is a central government-owned investigation agency while CID is a state-based police and intelligence department.

Is CBI private or government?

The central bureau of investigation is a government investigation agency.

 How can I become a CBI officer?

To become an A-level CBI officer one has to become an IPS officer through the Civil services examination by UPSC while to become the sub-inspector one has to pass the combined graduate level examination by SSC that has 4 phases.

Is CBI powerful than the police?

No CBI can’t be considered to be much powerful than the state police. It is because the CBI SP can’t make individual decisions freely while the state police SP has the power to make independent decisions.

A huge advantage with CBI is that it is a central agency so can work all over the country.

CBI Full form in banking

 CBI in the banking sector stands for the Central bank of India which is one of the 18 public sector banks of India. The central bank of India has its headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The central bank of India is a commercial public sector bank owned by the Indian government. The Central bank of India is not like the Reserve Bank of India which is known as the central bank of India.

This commercial public sector bank CBI just has name central bank but it is also operated under the RBI for financial regulations.

Central Bank of India facts

  • Central Bank of India was established in 1911 by Sir Sorabji Pochkhanawala and opened its first branch in Hyderabad in the year 1918.
  • CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA has a total of 4608 branches and 3644 ATMs working as of 31st March 2021.
  • The Government of India is soon going to give many public sector banks to private hands, in which the name of Central Bank of India is at the top.


Some other famous full forms of CBI

CBI- Confederation of British Industry (in News and Media)

CBI- Computer-Based Instruction (in Military)

CBI- Critical Business Issue (in online Business)

Similar full forms

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